Timeless Pics and a Story for Father’s Day

As one of the largest photo digitizing services in business, we have carefully scanned more than 130 million analog pieces, including photos, slides and negatives. It’s great when customers write to us, telling us how happy they are to have those memories saved. It’s even better when they share the heartwarming stories behind the photos.

We recently scanned and restored some images for Bob Ehinger of Michigan. The pictures and story he sent us are a timely tribute to both his father and to fatherhood. (more…)

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4 Great Ideas for a Graduation Memory Book

Having a child graduate from high school is definitely up there among bittersweet parenting moments. There’s pride and happiness mixed in with other emotions that induce a lump in the throat. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when this young adult lay in your arms, swaddled in a hospital receiving blanket. ‘Where have the years gone?’ is a truism that always rings true for parents of high school seniors. You can replay many past moments in your head but it’s harder to put your finger on those transitions – when the tiny newborn became a chatty preschooler and then a spunky tween…and so on.

Luckily, the memories are there – captured in photos, mementos and school projects that most people stash away in shoeboxes and folders. Now is a great time to pull out and sort through these to make a beautiful memory book for the new graduate. (more…)

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Kevin Gilbert on Pictures, Photo Ops, Presidents and More

Why we take pictures

Photographs represent truth and memories. You only have to see one to remember how hot it was that day. You remember the smells of the market. You remember being with so and so. All these wonderful memories are triggered by looking at a photograph.

These days, I teach and travel a lot. I try to help people go from taking a typical picture to taking a better one. Telling stories has always been a big part of why we take pictures. I try to tell stories of my trips. Or the little things in life. Recently, I made a Mother’s Day film with pictures of my three year old (which were easy to find because I am organized now). I found 75 pictures, put them to music, added some text and it was ready – a four minute story of motherhood based on photos of my daughter and wife over the last three years. (more…)

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Thoughts on Purging Photos the KonMari Way

She came. She took a quick look around. And then she proceeded to clean up.

Ever since Marie Kondo broke onto the decluttering scene with her tips for tidying and putting away, she has shaken up the home organization industry – in Japan, the US and around the world. Her name is tied to an entire organizing system – the KonMari method – and is increasingly used as a verb (as in “Can you kondo your kitchen in a day?”) She has built a cult following with her soothing advice to hoarders and packrats, disseminated through bestsellers such as ‘’The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. (more…)

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How to Find a Mother’s Day Gift That Keeps Giving

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and it’s time to start looking for that something special for the person to whom you owe your existence. Finding the right gift for Mom can be challenging but this is not due to a lack of ideas. These days, there are a ton of sites to recommend, design and customize gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day or any occasion, for that matter.

But sometimes you want to think beyond personalized tea towels and foot creams. And if Mom has just finished a round of spring cleaning, you may not want to add to her clutter with another vase or home accessory. (more…)

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