Timeless Pic and a Story: A Precious Memory Resurfaces

We recently completed a slide digitization and restoration order from Ralph Morrissey, a valued Scancafe customer. While going through newly restored images from his wedding, Ralph found one photo that he had not realized existed. As it turns out, it was an incredibly important find that meant a lot to a few people.

Here is Ralph’s story:

Something amazing and totally unexpected happened with the digitization and restoration of the nearly 50-year-old 35 mm slides in my collection. (more…)

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Timeless Pics and a Story: A Couple’s Pact to Follow Their Hearts

Patrick Korch studied Art in college but wore a number of other professional hats – logger, commercial fisherman, home builder, salesman and business owner (along with his wife Roberta) – before returning to his true calling. Our team at Scancafe got to view and digitize slides of Patrick’s creative work as well as hear about how he rediscovered his passion for art late in life.

Here is Patrick’s story:

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden to an Irish mother and a Swedish Father and grew up in Palo Alto, CA. After graduating from college with a degree in Art, I traveled around Europe for two years on an AJS Norton motorcycle – meeting new friends and studying art at museums.

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Travel Blogger Tom Bartel on Favorite Places, Photography and Life After 50

Why my wife and I decided to take the plunge into full-time travel

We’ve always been travelers. We hitchhiked around western Europe for three months after graduating from college. And after we were married, we moved to Spain for two years. Even in the interim, when we had our careers and family, we traveled frequently out of the country. So, when the opportunity presented itself in 2010 to sell our house and business and hit the road full-time, it was just sort of a natural for us.

One place that’s more special than others

That would be Spain where we lived for two years, and went back to visit multiple times–sometimes by ourselves, and sometimes with our children. We pretty much love everything about Spain – from the cafe culture, to the food, to the friendly people, the art, and the climate. We’re probably going to end up living there one day. I’d also put Rome pretty high on my list. Italy is a very close second to Spain.


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Timeless Pics and a Story for Father’s Day

As one of the largest photo digitizing services in business, we have carefully scanned more than 130 million analog pieces, including photos, slides and negatives. It’s great when customers write to us, telling us how happy they are to have those memories saved. It’s even better when they share the heartwarming stories behind the photos.

We recently scanned and restored some images for Bob Ehinger of Michigan. The pictures and story he sent us are a timely tribute to both his father and to fatherhood. (more…)

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4 Great Ideas for a Graduation Memory Book

Having a child graduate from high school is definitely up there among bittersweet parenting moments. There’s pride and happiness mixed in with other emotions that induce a lump in the throat. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when this young adult lay in your arms, swaddled in a hospital receiving blanket. ‘Where have the years gone?’ is a truism that always rings true for parents of high school seniors. You can replay many past moments in your head but it’s harder to put your finger on those transitions – when the tiny newborn became a chatty preschooler and then a spunky tween…and so on.

Luckily, the memories are there – captured in photos, mementos and school projects that most people stash away in shoeboxes and folders. Now is a great time to pull out and sort through these to make a beautiful memory book for the new graduate. (more…)

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