Holiday Photo Caption Contest

Insert your caption here to win!

Congrats to Richard, whose post #72 wins the prize–all of his scanning charges, waived!

The holidays are always full of everything–the good, the bad, and the ugly. And also, we should say, the hilarious.

The photo above is from one of our employee family collections (scanned by ScanCafe, naturally). For fun, write your own funny, fitting, and clever caption for this photo. On Monday, we’ll choose a winner from among all the folks who place orders this weekend, and we’ll waive all scanning charges on their order!

Just post your caption by commenting on this blog post below. Be sure to use the same email address that you used in your order with us, so we can contact you if you win.

Your Most Memorable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (we suppose along with Christmas) is a holiday that is perhaps uniquely enriched with a sense of the past. This year’s turkey has to get compared to last year’s, and some family member is sure to reminisce to a child at the table about what Thanksgiving was like when HE was little. It almost always works out and turns into the holiday we are hoping for, but not without a few bumps along the way. Tell us about your most memorable Thanksgiving–no holds barred!

For me, I think the Thanksgiving I remember most is actually my first away from home, freshman year in college, when I took the old Pan Am shuttle down to New York to encounter it for the first time. For a small-town Southerner, New York was an eye-opener, not least because an elderly woman in a mink passed me on the sidewalk and told me to get out the way in language I didn’t think anybody used, much less little old ladies!

What was your most memorable Thanksgiving?

Holiday Shipping Dates at ScanCafe

There are 4 kinds of holiday-related ScanCafe gifts that we can deliver by December 23, 2009, depending on when you place your order:

ScanCafe scanning order NEW! With Express Service, available as a small surcharge per order of 400 standard media images or less, you can place your order and ship to us as late as Saturday, December 12, and you’ll able to download your high-resolution scans on Christmas Eve.
For orders of 1,000 scans or less, holiday delivery was guaranteed if you shipped your order to us by November 17th, via UPS Ground. To ensure holiday delivery, however, you must immediately complete the review and checkout process once your scans are online (within 24 hours).
ScanCafe Gift Card For physical delivery, order must be placed online by December 10. For electronic delivery, order may be placed as late as Christmas Day!
ScanCafe Gift Box, complete For Gift Boxes to be completed and returned in time for December 23, we need to receive the Gift Box, filled with images, in Burlingame, CA by November 21st.
ScanCafe Gift Box, empty For an empty Gift Box to arrive at your recipient’s address by December 23, you would need to place your order (using standard delivery) by December 7. Using Next Business Day delivery, it must be placed by 1pm PT on December 18.

Halloween When You Were a Kid

UPDATE: congrats to AnnMarie (comment no. 120 below), who won our grand prize! We’re waiving all scanning charges on her order. And thanks to everbody who participated–there’s some really spooky stuff in here!
Halloween, circa 1964

Halloween has changed a lot in the last 30-40 years, and we’re interested in learning what it was like when you were young. So share your thoughts below!

I’ll start, since I’m guest blogging today. I grew up in a town in Mississippi, and every year we’d all go down to some Halloween fair inside a basketball gym. And every year, somebody would have built a “haunted house” exhibit that apparently only the brave would enter. I tried it–once or twice–and the thing is I can’t remember how it was built at all (besides, once you went in, it was plenty dark). But what I will never forget is the smell.

You see, the floor of said haunted house was always covered in straw, which I guess was a little wet, and so it had this powerful odor that was faintly sickening anyway, mixed in with all the other smells in the gym. So creeping into this haunted house, you’re a little sick to your stomach to start with. Then you fumble your way through, in the pitch black darkness, until some high school kid (you presume) screams and grabs your arm and scares the beejeesus out of you, and at that point I was ready to go home, in a hurry! To this day, whenever I smell wet straw (which living in San Francisco is not very often), I take a quick look around, just to make sure nobody’s about to grab me. So far, so good.

What was the spookiest thing about Halloween for you, growing up?

4th of July Winners

Congratulations to our 4th of July contest winners! We received so many that choosing was awfully tough. But we had to pick, and so we think these three images below say Independence Day, and summer in general, the best.

Thank to everybody for making this promotion such a visually stunning success.

July 4th Photo Winner

July 4th Photo Winner

July 4th Photo Winner

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