Mr. Allen Goes to Washington

Swearing in Ceremony of first Black PresidentSunday I leave for our nation’s capitol.  I have been to DC many times over the years (I was stationed in nearby Quantico while in the Marines – can I get an ooh-rah for Al Bolognese) and have always come away with a sense of awestruck respect for the place.

I am an absolute sucker for history.  Over the coming days, another event of striking historical significance will occur with the swearing in of our first black President.  Now personally, I am politically agnostic – I don’t vote along party lines.  And frankly, the entire political machine is about as exciting and predictable as a trip to the Laundromat.

But this inauguration event has phenomenal historical impact and despite the fact that I will be competing for the 30 Port-o-Johns with the other 4.2 million attendants, I am very much looking forward to attending the swearing-in ceremony as well as a few of the Inaugural Balls.  I guess I better polish up my shoes and knock the dust off my tuxedo!

I will be making posts via Tweets during all the events, which you can follow on my Twitter page.