A Love Story That Envelopes Three Lives

ScanCafe customer, Jean Stone, recently sent in some old prints for photo restoration. In this heartfelt write-up, she shares the beautiful story behind these cherished memories.

In 1971, I was a divorcee and a single parent focused on being there for my 6 year old, Tracey. I wasn’t really looking to meet someone at that point. But then Terry came into our lives.

I had been in a few relationships that had ended badly and was a bit wary about getting involved with someone again. Even with this handsome guy who was so nice and fun to be with. But my reservations soon disappeared as I got to know him better. He was everything he appeared to be — honest, hard-working, intelligent, loving and caring. We saw each other everyday and quickly fell in love, a love that included Tracey.

And ‘quickly’ was indeed the word for our courtship. We met in April 1971, moved in together in May, he proposed in October that year, and we formally became a family when the two of us married in January 1972. He took his new role as ‘Daddy’ to Tracey seriously. Reading to her became a ritual they both looked forward to during her growing up years. Terry adopted Tracey last year to seal a long-term, loving relationship that continues to thrive today.

We honeymooned in Big Sur, California, and love the photos we took there. Now that these photos have been professionally restored, I plan to have prints made and framed for Terry as a birthday gift, 47 years after they were taken. Big Sur remains a favorite destination for us, a site of many treasured and romantic memories from the honeymoon. We’ve gone back there several times over the years to relive these.

We remain happily married today. Ours may have been a whirlwind courtship but the life we subsequently built for ourselves and for Tracey was based on rock solid love and commitment.

Reading time with Tracy
Reading time with Tracy

Graduation Picture

At Tracey's college graduation
At Tracey’s college graduation

Random picture

Big Sur, California Honeymoon Picture

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