I’m a proud new papa!

I am a proud new father (if you swing by our offices in Burlingame, I will give you a cigar).  We just launched a completely new website and I couldn’t be more proud of the results.  Not only is the new website faster and more professional, but it is a testament to the valuable input we have received from you, our loyal customers.  It is a website that is rich in feature content – the type of content you deserve.  We also strived with this site to do more than just use it as a vehicle to pitch our service.  We have actually dedicated pages to instruct folks how to pick their own scanners, how to clean your slides or negatives, what to look for in a scanning service, and even how to scan their images themselves.  A friend of mine asked me “why would you empower your customers to scan their own images – that is suicide.”  I told him that I held quite the opposite opinion.  We think that it is critical for everyone to bring their imagery into the 21st century.  We also know that people are extremely busy and few folks have the time or energy to scan their entire archive themselves.  Also, there are folks out there that just need to scan a few images – why make them pay for a service when I can just teach them how to do it themselves?  I don’t have minimum order sizes like everyone else in this industry so if I can empower a person to scan a few images on their own, so much the better.  Besides, I know how monotonous scanning images can be – if people have large archives, they aren’t going to scan them all themselves, no matter how much data I give them.  I keep telling our team here that we want to be a scanning partner, not simply a scanning service – and partnerships are built on trust. 

You will also find a dedicated “ProZone” for our professional photographers and hobbyists.  We have a great deal of info on both our processing center as well as our world class India Graphics and Imaging Center.  This rich content was born of customer requests and we are quite happy that we were able to provide the level content required to allow people to make smart decisions about why they should scan, and why they should scan with ScanCafe.  Lastly, as this is a new site, you might find minor errors here and there – we consider ourselves perfectionists but I am sure that in all those pages we missed some items here and there so please be patient with us as we correct these minor flaws.  Also, the entire site looks great in Firefox but for some reason has some layout issues in IE and in older versions of Safari.

I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I am – and please continue to give us valuable feedback; you can send comments / questions to [email protected].  Oh yeah, I am also the proud father of a second son, Jake Patrick, born in May.  I better put that in there or the wife will not be happy.

2 thoughts on “I’m a proud new papa!”

  1. Congratulations on the new website and your new son! I am writing with a suggestion for an additional service I wish you would offer. I had thought of this request when I received my order on DVDs a few months back, but now the idea has come to the front of my mind again.

    Since you already had a digital copy of >1000 of my treasured images, I wish you would offer a service to allow me to continue to keep them stored with your company and yet still accessible to me. Imagine how you could have served all those families who lost their homes and photos and computers and DVDs in the recent fires in California, or in the floods in New Orleans. Imagine if those now homeless families could get on-line to the Scancafe website and still be able to see their dearest photographic memories, and then simply order a new DVD to replace what they had lost!

    Yes, I know it is possible for me to do that separately from your company, but it’s an extra step that even well-intentioned people like me probably will never get around to. Plus, thanks to your outstanding Customer Support staff (thank you especially to Anjuli!) I feel like I already have a relationship with your company, as well as a sense of trust and confidence in what your company provides. I would feel safer and happier having an archive of my images with you.

    I think you offering an archiving service for images already scanned by your company might tip more people over to using your scanning services. It also could strengthen your relationship with past and current customers. For example, even though I had a wonderful experience with Scancafe with my first 1000 photos, I haven’t yet made the time to gather up and send in all the rest. Being able to archive my digital images with you would be great additional push for me to get moving to send you all the rest of my images (in multiple formats), including my photo albums.

    I don’t know how difficult it would be for you to set up a digital image archive service yourself, or with a partner company, but capturing an ongoing revenue stream from a service you have already provided seems like it might make it a worthwhile idea to explore.

    Thank you for giving this suggestion some thought.

  2. Hi SMS,
    Thanks for the input – this is actually an option we are discussing internally. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks for the comment and I am glad your experience was a good one – Anjuli is a true gem on our staff.

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