How to Remove Stains from Photos | ScanCafe


Ah, the classic coffee-stained photo – it’s like a rite of passage for any family album. But don’t let these accidental art pieces get you down. This guide is your secret weapon against the pesky invaders of your photo territory, from coffee spills to mysterious smudges.

Identify Different Types of Stains on Photos

Before going into battle, know your enemy. Is it a sneaky water stain or a bold ink blotch? Or perhaps it’s the infamous ‘I-don’t-know-what-that-is’ stain. Identifying the stain type is your first step in this restoration adventure.

Assembling Your Tools

Prepare for victory with these tools:

  • Cotton swabs and gentle cloths – your main soldiers
  • Distilled water – the stain’s natural nemesis
  • Mild detergent – for those extra stubborn spots
  • Rubbing alcohol – the secret weapon for inky intruders

Step-by-Step: Removing Stains from Photos

  1. Spot Analysis: Get up close and personal with that stain. Determine its type and plan your attack.
  2. Gentle Warfare: Use a dampened swab with your water-detergent mix. Approach gently – it’s a photo, not a scrubbing pad!
  3. Inky Incursions: For ink stains, rubbing alcohol is your ally. Apply it sparingly – like adding hot sauce to a dish.
  4. The Art of Drying: Post-battle, let your photo bask in the glory of a dust-free zone to dry.

Professional: Expert Help for Persistent Photo Stains

If the stain is more of a Goliath and less of a pesky goblin, it might be time to call in the big guns. This is where ScanCafe, the photo-restoration wizards, step in. We can assess your stain situation and if it can’t be removed, we will scan it and restore your image digitally, turning your ‘oops’ into ‘wow.’


Tackling stains on photos can be a mix of science and art – and a bit of fun, too. With these tips, you’re well-equipped to turn those blemishes into tales of victory. Remember, though, each photo in your collection is a unique artifact of your personal history.

As you embark on these cleaning adventures, be mindful that some techniques may not suit every photo, particularly if they’re aged or delicate. For those stains that laugh in the face of danger (and your cleaning efforts), let ScanCafe’s restoration heroes take the wheel. Visit them for a photo rescue mission that’s sure to end in triumph!