Holiday Shipping Dates at ScanCafe

There are 4 kinds of holiday-related ScanCafe gifts that we can deliver by December 23, 2009, depending on when you place your order:

ScanCafe scanning order NEW! With Express Service, available as a small surcharge per order of 400 standard media images or less, you can place your order and ship to us as late as Saturday, December 12, and you’ll able to download your high-resolution scans on Christmas Eve.
For orders of 1,000 scans or less, holiday delivery was guaranteed if you shipped your order to us by November 17th, via UPS Ground. To ensure holiday delivery, however, you must immediately complete the review and checkout process once your scans are online (within 24 hours).
ScanCafe Gift Card For physical delivery, order must be placed online by December 10. For electronic delivery, order may be placed as late as Christmas Day!
ScanCafe Gift Box, complete For Gift Boxes to be completed and returned in time for December 23, we need to receive the Gift Box, filled with images, in Burlingame, CA by November 21st.
ScanCafe Gift Box, empty For an empty Gift Box to arrive at your recipient’s address by December 23, you would need to place your order (using standard delivery) by December 7. Using Next Business Day delivery, it must be placed by 1pm PT on December 18.

23 thoughts on “Holiday Shipping Dates at ScanCafe”

  1. I just missed your last 20% of promotion. When will you have the next one? I would rather not place my order until there’s another promo code, given that you send them out pretty often. I have everything packed up and ready to go. THanks, Tom

  2. Am hiring a person to send you all of my slides for you to scan.

    This person could benefit from any tips etc. reguarding assembling and sending the slides to you.

    Any help or instructions would be appreciated.
    Phil H

  3. I received notice today that the order I placed on Nov 14 and shipped on Nov 15 will be avail for me to review online by Dec 22.

    Reviewing online on 22d does not get them into my hands by the 23d as promised (your “holiday delivery” promise).

    What is going on here? Is this a scam? I would be very disappointed to find out you lied.

    1. we’re on it, Mark. The trouble here is that we accelerated things to get everybody in for Christmas and the forecasting piece of our system wasn’t up to date. So sorry for the confusing email, but you should in fact have images online for review much sooner, and we’re gonna send you a revised date as soon as we get the forecasting system updated. Our apologies!

  4. I have been told the same thing weeks ago about the forecasting on the website. I was promised I would have the slides for review 2 weeks before the date showed on the website. Guess what, we will see this week. I have to take the Customer’s service word for it and see if I have it by Wednesday. I have over 6000 slides that were sent in October so I am hoping I am not being led down the wrong path. I was also told I would now have to pay extra to get them by December 17th as promised when I spoke to them on the phone before placing the order. We will see, I was supposed to get a call to confirm and I have not received one yet. They have been very nice on the phones, I am just hoping for the best. — Pamela

  5. I have a similar concern as Mark Ross regarding getting scaned items back by Christmas. You stated in your response that “the forecasting piece of our system wasn’t up to date” I took this comment as it wasn’t upto date at the time of Mark’s comments, but it would be in the future is that the case or not? I also shipped items to you before your deadline of November 14th and are expecting shipment back prior to Christmas, can I count on this?


    1. Hi Brian,

      We received your originals on November 14, and the receiving deadline for holiday delivery was the 17th, for standard non-Express orders. So you should be fine! BTW, we always put your estimated online date in your account, when you log in. That’s a good place to look too.


  6. What is the resolution of the scans on the web page when we review them? After purchase I tried to download to i photo but the quality was not good enough to have a usable image.

    1. they are about 200k–good for reviewing, and for use in some kinds of electronic display (say, a powerpoint presentation, or a web site), but not good for printing. For that, you have to wait for the DVD of hi-res images we will send you. (Also, our Express Service does allow you to download the hi-res images as well).


  7. Hi:

    My order says Jan. 9 for availability on the net. Is that still accurate, in light of your comment earlier about date estimating.

    Can’t wait to see my scans!


  8. I just made my order and did not realize it would not be ready until 1/18/10. Is there any way some of the scans would be available for viewing by Xmas? I sent it with your upgraded shipping.

    1. Hi Karen,

      The date we quote when you place your order is your estimated online date–that is to say, it’s the day that your scans are on the site available for you to review, assuming you mail your originals in promptly. If we quoted an online date of Jan 18, that means your scans won’t be viewable by Christmas–basically, they won’t be viewable until Jan 18, the date we quoted. However, there is a way–if you haven’t already shipped your originals, you could cancel your current order and resubmit it as an Express Service order. That should make it by Christmas–and you’d have full-resolution files, too.

      Hope this helps,

  9. My order was complete on Dec 6, but the order still hasn’t been shipped. You are in CA. I am in PA. UPS takes 7 days. I need to send one of the DVDs back to CA no later than Saturday 12/19, because I am leaving the state on Monday early.

    Is there any way you could please send the DVDs via overnight mail and add it to my credit card??? The slides can take their time getting here!

    I am hoping with crossed fingers that this will be ok!! Thanks.

  10. I received my order earlier than expected and am really happy going through my scans and choosing my pix. I dont know what all the complaining is about, sheesh.

  11. I am glad i went through my spam mail. My e-mail program sent your notice that my photos were ready to my spam folder. I was then able to look at my photos and approve them to go on the DVD.

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