Helping the folks in Santa Cruz

A major reason people choose to have their analog images converted into digital files is fear of loss. We all know that the first thing we want to grab when running out of our burning or flooding home (besides our family and pets) is our photographs. Unfortunately, it is too hard to grab 15 albums, the framed photos off the walls, the stacks of slide carousels, negatives from the filing cabinet, etc, etc, so in such situations many irreplaceable and priceless family memories literally go up in smoke. This is exactly why I always say “just scan your images – whether you use ScanCafe or not”.

So, it was with great concern that I followed the wild fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains last week. I knew that many people would lose their homes and, in so doing, lose their precious memories. Thankfully, no residents or brave firefighters were injured in the blaze but dozens of homes were lost. I was in Palo Alto on the 23rd and the smoke was palpable from 35 miles away. I was speaking with a neighbor of mine who is a Firefighter with the Redwood City Fire Dept who had spent a long weekend battling the conflagration. He said that it was always unfortunate to see the charred images hanging on walls or to come across a destroyed wedding album.

Therefore, we at ScanCafe would like to do what we can to help the victims of the Santa Cruz fire. If you are such a person and have photos, slides or negatives that have been damaged as a result of this fire, I would like you to contact us. We are offering free restoration services for up to 20 images. You would be amazed at what our graphics artists can accomplish so please don’t assume an image is beyond repair until we get a chance to look at it. Simply call us at 866-745-0392 or email us at [email protected]. We will get back to you shortly with next steps.

Our deepest condolences for the losses suffered – let us know if we can help. Hopefully recovering some precious images will provide some consolation.

Most respectfully,

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  1. Hi Sam,

    I’m wondering about the title of your blog. CEO Blog is perfectly meaningful within the ScanCafe domain, but when your posts are listed under “CEO Blog” without “Scancafe” on Technorati, I think you’re losing a branding opportunity.

  2. Hello Zoli,

    Great point. We will make that change – we are driving so hard with our head down that sometimes such obvious items get missed.


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