Halloween When You Were a Kid

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Halloween, circa 1964

Halloween has changed a lot in the last 30-40 years, and we’re interested in learning what it was like when you were young. So share your thoughts below!

I’ll start, since I’m guest blogging today. I grew up in a town in Mississippi, and every year we’d all go down to some Halloween fair inside a basketball gym. And every year, somebody would have built a “haunted house” exhibit that apparently only the brave would enter. I tried it–once or twice–and the thing is I can’t remember how it was built at all (besides, once you went in, it was plenty dark). But what I will never forget is the smell.

You see, the floor of said haunted house was always covered in straw, which I guess was a little wet, and so it had this powerful odor that was faintly sickening anyway, mixed in with all the other smells in the gym. So creeping into this haunted house, you’re a little sick to your stomach to start with. Then you fumble your way through, in the pitch black darkness, until some high school kid (you presume) screams and grabs your arm and scares the beejeesus out of you, and at that point I was ready to go home, in a hurry! To this day, whenever I smell wet straw (which living in San Francisco is not very often), I take a quick look around, just to make sure nobody’s about to grab me. So far, so good.

What was the spookiest thing about Halloween for you, growing up?

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  1. A small town in Pennsylvania.. an old victorian style house in need of some repair. It was dark, and yet there was a light on for us trick or treaters. We knocked, the door slowly opened and the ugliest witch greeted us! At the age of 7, I thought she was real and turned and ran! 50+ years later, those old victorian style homes intrique me .. does a witch live in there?

  2. Trick-or-treating was scary for me when I was a kid. I wanted to do it, and did, but the actual knocking on a stranger’s door, not knowing who or what would open the door… always a bit scary.

  3. My scariest Halloween was when I was about 6 years old. Three of us kids were having a sleep-over at one of their houses. Once it got good and dark, and while we were playing games in the den area, my friend’s brother crept up to a window from outside the house. Hiding below the window sill he began to slowly place his hands against the window. When he began to make a growling sound, we looked towards the window and saw nothing but the palms of his hands spread out fully against the window. We nearly jumped out of our skins. And that’s one Halloween scary event I won’t soon forget.

  4. My first Halloween was the scariest. I was expecting a fun and lively “carnival” type event. Instead, at 6 years old, I was greeted by monsters and ghosts and skeletons popping up from under the ground.

  5. I was 8. Eisenhower was President. Johnny G. and I were trick-or-treating on the upper east side of Manhattan in a big apartment house. We rang for the elevator to go to the top floor and work our way down. The elevator man looked a bit like Boris Karloff and greeted us with a scowl. Instead of taking us to the top floor he went to the basement and told us to stay there. Imagining some terrible fate awaited us we searched through dark corridors and finally found an exit into a back alley. Amazed to find ourselves back on the street, we ran home and didn’t walk down that block for years!

  6. The memory engrained in my head of how spooky Halloween can be for a kid is….
    Every year my father would emerge from the attic with this horribly freighting wrinkly old man mask. It had uneven baggy eyes, long white scraggly hair, and wrinkles all the way down the next that he tucked into a blood spattered hospital gown. With his tong slithering threw the masks lips; he would answer the door to terrified ticker treat’ers. Many of whom would run or cower behind their parents legs. It really was a great deterrent to our door for many, but that always meant more left over candy for me!

  7. It was always going to that “crazy” woman’s house down the block. We kids determined she was crazy because she seldom came out of the house (and the yard showed it) and when we did see her she just looked at us without saying anything. She always gave FULL SIZED candy bars on Halloween so that overcame the fear. Now I realize she was just old and hard of hearing. I can now totally relate!

  8. As a kid we lived in a neighborhood with loads of kids, it was lots of fun.

    We had a good group of “older” kids who loved to trick us and scare the pants off us saying they were teenage zoombies.

    We now decorate for Halloween and mix fun and scary for both the little toddlers and the older high school kids who say “your house is cool”.

    Happy & Safe Halloween!

  9. I grew up in the Philadelphia, PA area and when I was a kid when we used to go out trick and treating. There was a gentleman in the neighborhood who would dress up as a ghoul and kind of stalk us and scare us to death. Then when we went to his house he would make us blindfold our eyes and make us handle all kinds of things and tell us they were worms and blood and we didn’t know what they really were. There would be all sorts of strange noises that sounded like people being tortured. We couldn’t wait to get out of there!

  10. I remember reading the paper on Halloween and it told the story of a carload of teens racing down a dark, country road, crashing into an old oak tree and killing all of them at midnight on Halloween. The story goes on, that if you drove down that road on Halloween at the same speed at the exact time of the wreck you could catch a glimpse of the accident as it happened. Of course, everybody raced down that road at midnight every year to test the story. We did and I can’t tell you how terrifying it was as we approached the tree at high speed, but something flashed in front of our car right at the old oak. We never went back.

  11. As a child I was the chaperone for my younger nephew and his friends on Halloween. His birthday is Oct 30th so at his party the kids would put on their costumes and I would take them through the neighborhood for candy. My spookiest memory though is as an adult. I implemented a Halloween party for the youth in the community at my job. We converted our police station auditorium into a haunted house complete with a coffin. We put a teenager inside the coffin dressed in dark clothes and at appropriate times he would raise up and groan. We literally had people screaming, running and crying.

  12. Edge of town where the houses start to thin out, no street lights, leaves blowing across the road, a nearly dark house with a bit of light, a candle in a pumpkin, squeaky steps on a wooden porch, damp, musty, the door opens, an ancient woman, wild hair, long yellow teeth…

    I didn’t stay for the candy

  13. I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s when it was (what our parents thought) was okay to let the kids go trick or treating by themselves. once it became dark i remember getting nervous about heading out because the “big kids” would be causing mischief by throwing pumpkins on the street and it was just plain scary by their presence.

  14. My first haunted house. At 10 years old you think you must be ready for a huanted house. What can be so scary. I convinced my dad to take me. I still have nightmares.

  15. Halloween has definitely change a lot over the past 30+ years of my life! Growing up on a ranch near a small town meant driving at least 1/2 mile to the nearest neighbor and then getting popcorn balls and fruit for treats…woo hoo!! The *spookiest* part every year happened at the annual elementary school Halloween party at the local community center. Some of the local teenage wild boys would streak buck naked outside at some point during the party prompting everyone to run to the windows to try to see who it was! (parent’s covering children’s eyes and surmising who it could be!) One year some adults were ready with ice cold water…

  16. My spookiest halloween moment was when my uncle took us to a graveyard and made us walk around. He ran and hid behind a tree in the dark, and we eventually stood all huddled together scared out of our wits! Of course he jumped out at us and we were sure we were going to die.

  17. Since I am only 24, I can only remember Halloween about 18 years ago. Let me tell you, I was quite the little tricker. We used to smash pumpkins in front of the houses that gave out black licorice. Oh man, did we ever despise black licorice. It tastes like a mix between sugar and the oily grease you wipe off your dipstick. THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL. GIVING OUT BLACK LICORICE = YOU HATE CHILDREN.

  18. I was young, maybe 11 or 12, and spending the afternoon with my cousins and aunt. She was taking us for a drive around the lake, maybe to get ice cream or something, when one of my older cousins suggested she drive by “the witch’s house.” I had no idea whether he was serious, but when we approached the old rickety thing and slowed down, I definitely began to wonder at the sight of it. Shutters falling off, paint long faded and chipped away to bare wood, dead and droopy trees all around, and dust and cobwebs everywhere. I looked every bit like a kid’s worst nightmare image of a real haunted house. I didn’t think it looked inhabited, but it was hard to tell. Then one my cousins screamed “There she is! I saw her in the window!” and we all freaked out as my aunt drove off in a hurry.

    But that wasn’t even the scary part. That just served to put my childhood heart in an appropriate spooky mood.

    A short way down the road around, right by the side of the lake, was a tiny cemetery overgrown completely with weeds and shrubs. It must’ve dated from decades ago, maybe a hundred years or more. There certainly hadn’t been any recent activity in many, many years. We stopped to look around, and my cousins and I bravely trudged around, pushing aside grass that was taller than we were, when I suddenly fell, left leg swallowed up. Panic swept over me in an instant and I’m sure I started screaming for help. Visions of rotting hands grasping at my leg and arms emerging from the hole were swirling into my mind just as my cousins arrived at my side to help pull me to my feet again, all limbs safe above ground. When we looked down we saw we were standing on the flat concrete top of some sort of below-ground mausoleum or a grave that simply had a massive concrete lid, and the lid had been moved partially away, leaving a hold just big enough to swallow up a kid, or at least one of his legs.

    We were too freaked out — me especially — to investigate any further, so we made a hasty retreat from that tiny, overgrown spooky graveyard, and I never went back.

  19. My scariest Halloween: I was 9 and Dad and I went with our Indian Princess Tribe (that must date me) to the local YMCA haunted house. I’m sure the local high school kids put on this haunted house, but to me it was a top caliber fright-fest. The memories of a strobe lit room with Ernie & Burt splattered in blood still haunt me today. That night, upon leaving the “group outing” I announced to my father that I would not consider “Ever Doing That Again, until I am at least 11”!

  20. My spookiest Halloween ever was one year in the 60’s when I was a teenager, and my parents were dressing up to go to a Halloween party. My mom dressed up in a hideous, ratty, ripped up, fairy costume, with black holey tights, her hair ratted up, some of her teeth blacked out, a crooked wand, my dad’s old WW2 combat boots on her feet, and on top of all that she wasn’t exactly slim! Then she pinned a sign to her chest that said “No one loves a fairy when she’s forty”. I was mortified and prayed that none of my neighborhood friends would see her as she went out the door. I’m in my 50’s now, and when I look at those slides of her, I think it’s hysterical and have considered stealing the idea! Of course, my own teens would be mortified!! LOL!

  21. The most difficult times as child wre the older kids who would throw eggs at us as we went trick or treating

  22. 1979 – We set up a haunted house in our garage for the neighborhood kids. Everything was going well until a neighbor child about 5 years of age came through and went BONKERS!!!! She was screaming and crying which made all of us role players feeling VERY bad!

  23. Scariest Halloween ever!!?? Back in the early 80’s, my friends and I went out to raise some hell. We traipsed thru the neighborhood, ringing some bells along the way for candy, but mainly we were tearing up decorations, throwing eggs and tossing pumpkins. Nothing major, that might get us jailed, but teenager destruction.

    As we worked our way thru the neighborhood, apparently word had spread of a group of teen boys messing things up. We came onto this cul-de-sac with three houses. We crept in and up to the first house, pulling some decorations down as we moved up. No sooner than we got there, than all the lights came on, blinding and bright. A loud voice, on a megaphone, we found out later, told us to get on the ground. We thought we were cornered by the cops. We thought that guns were on us. But all it was, was neighbors messing with us. They took all our eggs, toilet paper, etc. We lay there, on the cold ground, shaking and scared. Back in that day, we did not mouth off as much as kids do now. Eventually we figured out the situation, but we were too scared to continue on.

    Now, I make sure that my kids don’t pull the same crap. Too many people with guns nowaday.

  24. When I was young, and remembering that time now is a challenge because of my “maturity”, we lived on a dairy farm not to far from two small cities of Pasadena and Arcadia, California. So, when my sister, brother, and I got to be old enough in our parent’s judgment, we were permitted to walk to the closest community of Michilinda (section of Pasadena) by ourselves, in costume, and with bags aready. In our first Halloween out alone, I went as the Tin Man, my sister as Dorothy, and my younger brother as Toto with dog mask, tail, and the like. We were quite proud of ourselves. We made the costumes; we were out “on our own” (at least we thought so); and we had big flashlighs to help in the walk of one-half mile from the dairy ranch to houses. It was dusk turning quickly to dark and we had to cross over a small bridge and go through a field to get there.

    When we got to the bridge and looked ahead, we could see these “gauzy” spectors, about tree height, fluttering in the breeze. We stopped momentarily while we figured out whether we had enough courage to push ahead. I couldn’t show any concern. After all, I was 11 years of age and I had never seen any unusual thing in this orchard before. With qualified courage, we started across the bridge only to hear a plaintive “groaning” sound from under the bridge. We retreated in a hurry, not running but with a single mind to get out of there.

    About half way back home, we came across our father and a ranch hand hustling along with halter and rope to round up a heifer that had worked through a break in the grazing pasture fence and had ended up in this 10 foot deep storm drain ditch. Our soulful animal sound came from this very sad and somewhat bruised heifer who had gotten as far as the bridge.

    Our father wondered why we were returning without any evidence of “trick or treat” rewards. After a few “hems and haws”, we asked him to go with us. It turned out that those “spectral ghosts” were fruit netting over the year end persimmon trees.

    Natural things can be scary until until you begin to wonder and investigate — often with help!


    P.S. A true story with a lot of learning involved!

  25. Everything was going along just swimmingly, year after year in my youth, on Halloween, until we came upon some new people in the neighborhood who openend the door to us and out came the scary sounds of “Monster Mash.” Scared the livin’ daylights out of me and my friends.

  26. My scariest Halloween involved a Friday the 13th movie and an uninvited guest.

    Unfortunately, my parents were away for Halloween and we were left alone. We, my brother and I, had gone trick-or- treating earlier in the evening and were at home alone with two friends. Since my parents were away, we figured it would be the perfect night to watch Friday the 13th on a cable channel. About halfway through the movie, I hear a noise at the back door. I try to convince my brother and/or friends to go and check who may or what may be there.

    After many minutes of arguing, I finally decide that I will go. I pull back the curtain to unlock the door and outside the door is a man dressed in bulky clothing with a large hat. I immediately scream and run back to the TV room, screaming the entire way. It turns out, the man was our next door neighbor, who was preparing to go hunting. My father had loaned him some equipment and the hunter had lost the key to the storage shed so was simply knocking on the door to ask if we had an extra key.

    To this day, 25 years later, whenever a Friday the 13th movie is on TV, my brother calls me to remind me of this evening.

  27. 1959 – I had a best friend that lived on a 1 1/2 acre lot, with lots of trees and a huge ravine that separated his house from the next house. Every time I went to visit him and stayed after dark, it was a little scary to walk home, through the ravine because there was this tree that had a part of its bark removed and at night it looked like a woman dressed in a long white robe – very scary. That was on regular nights! On Halloween of 1959, I was walking home after an evening of trick or treating . . . as I walked through the famiiiar path, I heard something growling right next to the apparition of the old woman. It was the neighbor’s dog that had gotten out of his fence and just as I figured that out, a black cat ran right in front of me and squealed. I ran home about as fast as I could and turned on every light I could find . . . very spooky!

  28. I lived on a small farm a mile from any other house. The Halloween I remember as not only spooky but very scary to a ten-year-old was the year our barn burned to the ground. My sister and I had attended a party in the small town with some friends where we all had a fun time. We were home safely we thought and almost asleep in our beds when we heard this terrible noise. We jumped up and looked out the window to see our father and mother running towards the barn. Of course we ran outside also while our father yelled at us to get back. They opened the barn doors and led the two horses and the ten cows out as quickly as they could. Then all we could do was stand there and watch the barn burn, hoping the barn cats had escaped. The town only had a volunteer fire department and we were too far away to even call for help.

    We never knew how the fire started but we always had a thought that it might be a Halloween prank gone bad.

  29. I must have been about 7 or 8 years old and we used to stay out pretty late trying to get as much candy as we could. All the other kids were done so we were the last group on the street. We approached one house and every step I took there was a corresponding “ding” sound. So I slowed my step. And the bell sound matched my every step. In the yard was a hand sticking up out of the ground. And every step I made it flinched. Step by step. Ding by ding. Flinch by flinch. I slowly approached the door. BAM! The porch light went out and something jumped out and grabbed my leg! I turned around and fled so fast, I could barely hear the teens laughing in the distance!

  30. My scariest halloween story happened to my big brother. We lived in a big city, and he went out trick-or-treating and really got greedy. He had two big bags of candy and was waddling home kind of late when a couple of big kids came up and stole his whole load that he had been collecting for hours. I never looked at halloween the same again!

  31. When I was about 6, my school had a Halloween event. One of the activities was a “haunted house” – they basically turned off the lights in the library, had the kids walk through, and had us experience spooky things they made up. At one point, they had each of us put our hands into a bowl of small, round squishy objects. After we felt around for awhile, they told us it was a bowl of eyeballs. At age 39, and with hindsight, I’m sure it was peeled grapes, but at the time I believed them and ran out of the library screaming. Why they thought that was appropriate for 6 year olds is beyond me, but it sure scared the heck out of me (not to mention leaving me mentally scarred).

  32. I went to see the movie The Exorcist on halloween night with some college friends. Later that night when I was asleep, my friends sneaked into my room and started to raise my bed into the air like happened in the movie. I woke up and was in a total state of panic, screaming at the top of my lungs, scrambling off the bed as fast as I could. My “friends” laughed for hours and still tell the story 20 years later.

  33. As a child in Pound, Va just on the Virginia/Kentucky border in the Appalachian Mountains Halloween was often a big trick. Once we planned to catch the neighbor’s mean ole rooster. We chased him and he ran into the outhouse. As we came after him he fell through the opening and was swimming in the pit below. We got a rope and lassoed him. When we pulled him up he made a terrible flapping and covered us all with you know what. That was my scariest Halloween.

  34. When I was growing up in a small village in central Pennsylvania, I was in the 8th grade (invincible attitude) at the time and my friends and I decided to sleep (camp out) at night in the old cemetery at the top of the hill. Boy were we crazy? It was a secluded cemetery and none of us were able to get to sleep. What made matters worse that night was that we heard family dogs howling through the night and rumour had it that when you heard dogs howling at night; someone in the village had passed away.

  35. I am not sure what “moderation” requires but to elaborate this episode occurred in about 1937 when I was 8 or 9 years old. My older brother and I with two friends were out for a Halloween adventure. In those days there really wasn’t much candy or costumes for that matter but it was thought to be great fun to push over outhouses, mark windows with soap and on one occasion some older kids put a calf in the school auditorium over night. My father was the school principal but never did find out who had done the dastardly deed.

  36. When I was 6, I was out Trick or Treating with my dad. We heard and saw a commotion at the end of the street on which we lived. The sky was growing brighter was we made our way toward the center of activity. As we reached the edge of the gathering crowd, I could see flames rising high into the sky. My dad lifted me on his shoulders so I could see. What I saw was a barn that was fully engulfed in flames. Luckily, no people of animals where harmed. For a 6 year old, it was a pretty impressive event to witness, and somewhat surreal. It is indelibly seared into my memory of Halloween.

  37. After returning from trick or treating one Halloween, I found my dad entertaining an old army buddy. The latter asked me if I believed in ghosts. I replied there were no such things; 7-year-olds don’t believe in ghosts!

    Nearby was a small forest often referred to locally as the Haunted Wood. The buddy asked if was scared to go there on Halloween. I said I wasn’t afraid. He then dared me to enter it right then and there. I was a little hesitant so my dad offered to accompany me. We had only gone a few yards in when an unearthly voice cried out, “Leeeeeeeeeave the woooooood!” I ran out fast but after returning to the house I was suspicious that they were up to something. I told them I thought it was his buddy in the woods – not a ghost. So the buddy offered to take me instead. The same thing happened. This time I was really scared and ran all the way home. There must really be ghosts – my dad wouldn’t ever be part of a trick on his own son.

    Years later my dad admitted that he and his buddy had in turn run out of the back of our house and through the back of the wood to play the role of the ghost. I guess dads (of which I am one) are not quite perfect after all.

  38. No scary story really . . . more of a sweet one. I remember the first Halloween for my son (first born). He was 6 months old. I was all caught up in dressing him up and showing him pumpkins, etc. I remember he was sitting in his booster chair looking all cute in his outfit and the only thing he cared about was watching his hand. He moved it over and over in front of his eyes – watching every move. That day I REALLY became a ‘mom’. Between that little human body and it’s amazing abilities and the sweet little personality developing inside it – well, let’s just say I promised myself that day I would never forget life’s true blessings! He’s now 6’3″, 17 and totally into scaring anything he can at Halloween! How’s that for life?!?!?!

  39. My spookiest halloween was when I was about five. I used to go trick-or-treating by my grandparent’s house (usually with one or both of them accompanying me). I remember that a few days before, I had just heard a story about a little girl who was kidnapped when she had wandered away from her parents, so my grandparents had used the story to remind (read terrify) me into sticking right by them – something which wasn’t a big stretch to begin with as I was never the adventure-seeking child. I would only be allowed to trick-or-treat at the homes of people that they knew, but that also meant that it was safe to actually go into the houses as well. Basically, I started the night a little worried that I was going to be kidnapped at any point, so was already on edge… Then, at the home of one of their friends, we stopped, and Betty told me to go into the kitchen and help myself to a popcorn ball – When I got into the kitchen though, her husband jumped out and terrified me – he was dressed in costume with a skeleton mask, long metal “fingernails”, oversized clothes and had “blood” dripping from his mouth. He had apparently been expecting his teenage grandson to be the one in the kitchen. Unfortunately, as I immediately froze in terror and began screaming, he tried to hug me to tell me it was okay – serving only to break me out of my trance and send me running into the living room… and thankfully directly into my grandfather who was laughing harder over the whole scene than I think I’ve ever seen him laugh. To this day, I still hate scary costumes and movies!

  40. Every year when we would go trick or treating in the neighborhood and there was one particular house where the father was always eager to scare the kids. We knew he would be waiting in the shadows of the house dressed head to toe in an ape costume ready to scare us and it worked every time.

  41. I’m from Western Canada and we can have snow in September (like they did this year!), so by the end of October it can be Great-White-North cold. I think it was very scary to have to figure out how to put snow pants, a poofy down-filled jacket, hat, mitts and scarf on AND THEN fit a costume over the whole shuhbang! Parents didn’t drive kids from house to house back then, so we waddled around to as many neighborhoods as we could looking like the Michelin Man with a homeade costume over top of all those tires! Scary! :-/

  42. Guess I was in 5th or 6th grade. That was about 55 years ago and we played more “tricks” on people that kids do today.

    Me and my buddies (Leo and Red) decided to try the “dog poop in a burning bag on someone’s porch” trick. We knew of one house with a big front porch that had only one person living there – a grouchy old guy who never gave out candy on Halloween. He was the obvious choice.
    Back then (before people cleaned up after their pets), there was always lots of dog poop around. We had the “20 pound” paper grocery bag, and Red used some sticks to get a few piles of poop into the bag, which I held open.
    We got to the house. The porch was dark, although there was a light on in the window. And we were able to see through the screen door that the front door was open. There was a lot of planning going on over who was going to light the match (Leo) and start the bag on fire, and who was going to ring the bell (me), and whether we all ran in the same or different directions, etc. We finally got up our nerve and quietly went up the sidewalk, and up the old wooden stairs. Just as Leo put the bag on the wooden floor of the porch and got ready to light the match, the screen door flew open and the man came running out. We all must have jumped a foot in the air, and obviously took off running down the stairs and out of his yard. All I remember was that man coming off that porch and seeing that bag go flying past my head as I ran away.
    I never went near that house again on Halloween, or most other days.

  43. All the kids in the neighborhood meet at the house with parents in tow so they, the parents, could make their “provisions” for the hike. Unknown to us, some of the fathers went out and hid to scare us along the hike around the block at various spots. Evidently they broke into their “provisions” a little earlier. Well, as we walked around the neighborhood, they would jump out, dressed up as ghosts and such to scare us. After we were finished, we wanted to go back around and be scared again, it was fun. Luckily, they were still having fun so we were able to go around again. That was great.

  44. I don’t remember too many specifics about childhood halloweens, but one thing I do remember is “the Warlock’s House!. In my neighborhood was a small cottage-type house that as said to be a Warlock’s house. It was kind of small and dark and maybe a bit disheveled. Even as a kid I remember thinking…hmmm….naw, that’s absurd! But going trick or treating near there reallyscared me, even as I knew it was rediculous! I don’t think I ever went up to that house, not that I know of.
    I’ll never know I guess, but it cracks me up to think how scared I was of nothing!!

  45. When I was about 10, the neighborhood boys staged a horrendous automobile accident on a deadend street (they towed in a wrecked car!), covered themselves with fake blood and feigned death. Local police and ambulances were summoned but did not share in the humor of the moment. As a 10 year old, it was the scariest Halloween night ever as one of the boys was my cousin!

  46. When I was about 5 years old (give or take a year) I went trick-or-treating in my neighborhood with friends and my parents. We got to an apartment complex and all of us kids ran down the walkway to some of the doors. Our parents couldn’t quite see where we had gone. We knocked on a door and an older couple invited us in for some sweets. Of course we didn’t know better and entered their home. Our parents freaked out when they couldn’t find us. Moments later we popped out of the house (unharmed) with tons of candy.

    That had to be very frightening for our partents!! I couldn’t ever imagine inviting kids I don’t know into a home for candy but I guess you never know with some people…

  47. I always avoided the scary stuff, but I do remember that the very best Halloween costume was one my friend’s brother made her out of torn up black garbage bags. She made the perfect 5 year old witch! I noticed that Martha Stewart copped the idea a couple of years ago!

  48. My scariest halloween was when I was about seven or eight — old enough to go trick-or-treating alone, but small enough to be unsure of myself in the dark. I used to walk around the block trying to get a maximum of candy.

    Everyone in my neighborhood had gone to great lengths making amazing jack-o-lanterns, and the “big” kids (14-15 year olds) used to take pleasure in throwing them.

    So there I was, walking around in the dark. There was already a bunch of slippery pumpkin mush on the streets, and I was torn between my infinite desire for candy and the fear that I would be hit by a flying pumpkin. It definitely added an adrenaline rush to my outing!

  49. Back in gradeschool there was one very old abandoned house that looked like a victorian version of the Haunted Mansion at Disney. We would always dare each other to go in. On Halloween of my 6th grade year, we decided to see who was man enough to go in. Little did we know some of the eighth graders were already in there and yelled from upstaris as soon as we walked in. I just about peed myself running out the front door.

  50. I really don’t like Halloween and the scary parts because I believe that there truly are demons and evil in the world today and I would like to focus on The Light in the darkness. Sorry to be a party-pooper but I…needed to participate. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

  51. My neighbor dressed his two German Sheperds with flashing red devil’s horns and red capes and sat them on either side of the walk-way leading to his front door, like guardian gargoyles. As you neared the house they both began a low growl. They were very frightening to all us kids and no one had the courage to walk past them to the door. I believe our neighbor gave out little to no candy that night.

  52. I was about 4 years old. We walked up to a house while Trick or Treating…when the door opened, they had set up a mock operating room inside the door – strange lighting, weird looking doctors and nurses, and lots of blood and gore…and, of course, screaming. That was it for me, I completely freaked out…I was done for the night and didn’t sleep soundly for weeks afterward. By the way, I also refused to go near that house again.

  53. Pictures preserve memories , spooky memories hardly ever are captured but luckily you do not forget the spookiest memories. I was 4-5 years old and my mother invited several neighbor kids to a Halloween party.

    The party was pretty traditional with games like “ducking for apples” , back then really a lot of fun. Without any notice the lights went out and we heard a scary voice exclaim, “I am the headless horseman, I dropped my head and need help picking up the parts of my head.” While the lights were still out , each of the kids was instructed to put their hand in a box , find a part of the head, explain what they found and put in another box. The kids pulled out “Brains” (soggy spaghetti), “eye balls” (pealed grapes) and other equally disgusting parts.

    At 4-5 years old I was pretty brave, more so than neighbor friends, but I was scared to death when I felt the head parts. The other kids were petrified.

  54. It all happened when I was about 5 years old, in kindergarten and had just started at a country elementary school. It was the first Halloween I can remember and I was just learning about it. Everyone in the school had dressed up for the school Halloween party. My mother drove me to school and dropped me off in front and watched as I walked up to a side door. I dressed as a nun. As I continued to walk, I turned to wave goodbye to my mother, and as I turned back, a big black bear jumped out in front of me with a very loud roar. I was terrified and ran back to my mother’s car screaming and crying. My mother told me it took over 30 minutes to explain it was the school janitor dressed as a bear and not a real bear. I can still remember it today, 65 years later, as if it was yesterday.

  55. One house that we went trick or treating at had a coffin by the front sidewalk and the house was decorated real spooky. We went to the door and knocked and a person answered and gave us candy. We were relieved that had gotten our candy from the spooky house. However, when we turned and started to leave, the lid of the coffin sprang open and out popped a person dressed as a vampire. We were so startled and frightened that we ran down the block screaming.

  56. When I was a kid I went I went trick or treating. When I approached a house 10 huge snakes came out of the wooded area outside the main door. As soon as some of them touched me I started running back home and did not stop until I got to my bedroom!!

  57. At a local theature there was a Halloween Horror mantinee. I was either 7 or 8 years old and there were four films.

    There was one about aliens extracting people from earth with a ray of some sort. I definelty remember the film and had nightmares about it for about a week.


  58. When I was seven, the local school had a “haunted house” which I was allowed to go through because my Dad (who was a Doctor) had helped to build it. He brought in a gurney and it was fixed up to a slide and had a HUGE spinning saw blade which I was sure was going to cut me in two!
    I still remember my fear and relief as I went down the slide to the end of the haunted house.

  59. My scariest Halloween – every year the same family set up a very scary house that we had to walk through to get some candy at the end. A dead person always arose as we went through the living room.

  60. I remember loading up everyone on a trailer pulled by a small tractor driving around an orange grove, with lots of groups dressed in lots of different scarey outfits, with different props and music, as you traveled in the dark around every corner there was smothing coming out at you but never actually touching you, until about 1/2 way around the park,
    Then it seemed from all sides of the trailer there were just pairs of red eyes, no bodies attached just the bright red eyes, coming closer, but then people at the front and the middle of the trailer began to screem like crazy, some seems to be pulled from the trailer and into the woods by lots of the red eyes, then some thing grabed my arm, I about to _ _ _ _ my self. But I was able to shake free, or so I thought, late after I recovered, I learn that those taken into the woods where part of the plan and every trailer had “plants” to make every one think it was real.

  61. One Halloween night when I was about 10, I watched Children of The Corn at a neighbor’s house. After watching it, I was totally freaked out and called my dad to get a ride to my home, which was about 300 yards away and bordered a large cornfield. When my dad inquired why I needed a ride, I told him what I had watched. His response…well, let me just say he was unsympathetic.

    After postponing the journey home as long as I could, I made home at a run. I was heading down the path that took me the last 50 yards to home and by the cornfield when I heard a murderous yell followed by crashing dry cornstalks headed in my direction. S#[email protected]!!! I screamed and took off faster than Hussein Bolt in a record breaking run!

    Once I reached the back door to the house, I dove through it and slammed it shut behind me and looked frantically for something to use as barricade. Thirty pounding heartbeats later, I heard maniacal laughter outside, which I recognized as dear old dad’s. 🙂

    Thanks for the memories and have a Happy Halloween dad!

  62. In high school I lay in a casket with a nylon stocking over my head in the haunted house. I was told not to move a muscle. I had to listen to my friends talk about how good a student I had been, and how much they were going to miss me!

  63. My fondest and spookiest halloween memory dates back to 1990 when my family had a large Halloween Party at our farm. There were at least 100 people in attendance and all of us kids set off to play a fun game of Hide and Seek. It was a dark, cold night and I chose to hide behind a hay bail. I thought for sure that no one would find me. Just as soon as I had relaxed and let my guard down, my older brother jumped in front of me with a frightening mask on and scared me half to death. Needless to say, that was the last time I played hide and seek in a dark field at Halloween.

  64. When I was only about 6,We were visiting my Aunt and cousins,who lived in a big New England house. My cousins spent the evening telling ghost stories, and other spooky stories, trying to see who could tell the most terrifying ones. After I was put to bed in an older cousin’s room I had a hard time going to sleep, suddenly, just as I was dozing off, my cousin’s banjo began to make noises. Guess it had not been put away properly, but I was so scared, I took hours to go to sleep.

  65. When we spent a year in Minnesota, it snowed the day before Halloween, we figured we would get no trick or treaters, so we only bought a couple of bags of our favorite candy, figuring we would get to eat it. Well the kids in Minnesota, must be use to that weather because they came out in droves, and we ran out of candy the first hour. So we drove back to the store with all that snow to get more candy. The drive was the scariest part of the the entire night.

  66. The creepiest thing I remember is some guy did his whole yard up with caskets, bodies, cauldrons of “boiling” liquid, surgical tables where something went HORRIBLY wrong… you name it. He even enlisted volunteers to stand next to the props. It was in the front yard. There were some lights, but essentially, you couldn’t tell if the motionless person was real or a prop. You had to walk through the area (well, you didn’t HAVE to)… and in one of the several caskets that were propped up… were bodies. The first several were props. At the last one, he would pick the right time and when several people were standing there trying to figure out if it was real or not….. out he would jump… and everyone would run (presumably to change their underwear).

  67. We lived in a neighborhood that loved Halloween and went all out to celebrate it. When I went to a house, there was a real coffin in the yard and it would open up as you approached it and it looked like there was a real body inside. Then when I went to the door to ring the doorbell a dead chicken was hanging from the roof.

  68. When I was about 7, I went to the haunted basement created by the older neighborhood kids. I was blindfolded and then told to reach into a bowl of “guts”. That wasn’t too bad. Then I was told to reach into a bowl of floating eyeballs. The size was right and the shape was right – for the life of me I thought they were real. The bowl actually contained individual grapes in lukewarm water.

  69. In the early seventies, my best friend and I were around 7 or 8. Although we were too young to even know of the Marx Brothers, we loved Groucho and Harpo Marx, and we also considered ourselves budding comediennes. Contrary to my personality, I would be the silent Harpo since I had a big white wig my Aunt Gladys had left at my mother’s house for storage. My friend would be Groucho since she was a little older and her rivaling keen wit was a little quicker.

    Off we went with our top hats knocking on doors around the neighborhood. The old neighborhood no longer really celebrated Halloween since it was a baby boomer area, and most of the kids were in high school and college by this time.

    We were a hit. The only treat-or-trickers in sight…we were young and foolish, and loved representing dead Vaudeville comedians…

    Not too spooky, but hey, you name some other 7 year olds who dressed like the Marx Brothers on Halloween.

  70. I saw from the street below what appeared to be a ghoulish Halloween manikin hanging from a rope on a balcony at a nearby apartment house a week before Halloween. A few days later I found out it was a man who had committed suicide on his balcony and all the neighbors had also thought for several days he was a Halloween decoration.

  71. In the early seventies, my best friend and I were around 7 or 8. Although we were too young to even know of the Marx Brothers, we loved Groucho and Harpo Marx, and we also considered ourselves budding comediennes. Contrary to my personality, I would be the silent Harpo since I had a big white wig my Aunt Gladys had left at my mother’s house for storage. My friend would be Groucho since she was a little older and her rivaling keen wit was a little quicker.

    Off we went with our top hats knocking on doors around the neighborhood. The old neighborhood no longer really celebrated Halloween since it was a baby boomer area, and most of the kids were in high school and college by this time.

    We were a hit. The only treat-or-trickers in sight…we were young and foolish, and loved representing old Vaudeville comedians…

    Not too spooky, but hey, you name some other 7 year olds who dressed like the Marx Brothers on Halloween.

  72. When I was a kid going up in Little Falls, Minnesota people used to say that there were wolves in the woods and some people said that they really liked candy. On on trick-or-treat night, a neighbor rigged up a audio tape so that when you rang his doorbell, you heard a wolf scratch and howl … it sounded like the wolf was right in their garage… I think those folks had candy left over! That was really scary.
    Alice Shafer

  73. When I was a kid going up in Little Falls, Minnesota people used to say that there were wolves in the woods and some people said that they really liked candy. On on trick-or-treat night, a neighbor rigged up a audio tape so that when you rang his doorbell, you heard a wolf scratch and howl … it sounded like the wolf was right in their garage… I think those folks had candy left over! That was really scary experience.
    Alice Shafer

  74. My scariest halloween moment was always the inevitable, complete consumption of all my carefully hoarded, slowly consumed stash of candy.

  75. Every single solitary frightening memory of mine comes from Haunted Houses. For some reason, I went back year after year with my family because I didn’t want to be left out. I still shudder as we drive by. I have been happily married for almost eighteen years now and attribute a lot of it to the fact that my husband does not make me go to Haunted Houses. (haha_JK)

  76. When I was about 5 my older brother took
    me trick or treating. As we were returning home he had some of his friends hide in the bushes and they made scary noises and jumped out in costume. I cried all the way

  77. 18 inches of snow this week triggered a memory of my spookiest Halloween. It did not happen to me as a kid-no, I was a mom of four and it started to snow on Halloweeen here in ohio. when I say snow I mean buckets of it not some pretty little flakes. I had four crying children with season appropriate costumes-in other words not suitable for a snowstorm trick or treat event. So first I panicked-and then inspiration hit me. I headed out to the barn(we live on a farm) and transformed the kids inot scarecrows. First their snowsuits-then straw then Dad’s coveralls, a crazy hat, some makeup, and rapidly assembled stuffed crows out of felt-CRISIS averted. Just as my heart started to settle back in my chest someone in the back seat said,” I have to go to the bathroom” Aggghhhhhhh!

  78. I guess the spookiest memory was knocking on the doors of seldom-seen neighbors and not knowing exactly what to expect. Lame, I know….

  79. i remember at age 8, dressing up as a pirate, complete with a sword, but then my friends and i ran into some young teenagers who said they were real pirates. we got scared off of trick or treating on that block

  80. When a child and left with my older siblings on a long ago Halloween night, as I was being put to bed I heard moans and howling sounds coming from above my bedroom ceiling, in the attic. I was so afraid I could not sleep all night. When my parents returned late in the evening I told them about the noises. It was then I learned my brothers and sisters were in the attic making the scary sounds! Guess who the only one was to get their Tricks or Treats!

  81. I was left alone with my siblings many years ago on a Halloweeen night. Upon going to bed I was terrified by moans, shreiks, and howling in the attic above my bed. When my parents returned I found out that my brothers and sisters were the ones respnsible for the scary night. Guess who didn’t get their trick or treat candy?

  82. Halloween as a child really wasn’t scary. We lived on a farm, so there weren’t any houses next door where we could trick or treat. Mom would drive us. First stop was our grandparents house, who we loved dearly. We would also go to some of their neighbors. There was an elderly neighbor two doors down who treated us like grandkids. A few other stops at friends and then back to the farm.

  83. Going on a scavenger hunt, in costume, around a small midwest town and its countryside, ending at the local cemetery. Only thing missing was fog. Actually scary.

  84. When I was in high school my brother and I were huge heavy metal fans, and lots of metal songs had scary intros or effects such as wind blowing, bells chiming, spooky choral singing. So we moved the stereo speakers to the window near our front door and I made a mix tape of the scariest metal songs I could think of, from bands like Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Metallica, etc., and we played it when trick or treaters approached the house. Combined with a scary looking pumpkin and other decorations we put up it was like entering a haunted house when you stepped onto our porch. We must have scared off at least a few younger kids!

  85. In 1976 back when 10 year old kids could trick or treat without parents around, 3 of us went out like usual. Unfortunately, my mom bought me this stupid costume where I had a blow up head piece that was an extra head with a goofy face. As we walked along El Camino Real, a car full of teenagers stopped their car, got out, and told me I was wearing the dumbest costume they had ever seen. Then, they reached in their bags and they all threw eggs at me. We ran for our lives. Luckily, they threw the eggs at my fake head so I was not injured.

  86. Many years ago while serving in the U. S. Navy in the Philippine Islands, I drove past the local cemetery and observed the above the ground graves hosting a hugh party. The family members of the dead were celebrating in a party atmosphere the local Day of the Dead custom.

  87. A Tale Worth Repeating
    Since I live in a small rural community and raised two fun loving and mischievous boys, you would think I would have plenty of funny memories about Halloween. Actually I do, but probably none a mother wants to tell about her own children! My funniest Halloween memory is still discussed in our family all of these years later, and it didn’t even involve my children.

    Some 20 years ago we had this gorgeous black cat. She was a huge black fur ball with the deepest green eyes you ever seen. And she was a vagabond, who would rather be out roaming the corn fields than be stuck in the house where she belonged.

    My husband absolutely adored that cat, and often feared she wouldn’t come home, either because she got hurt in the fields or because someone else thought she was gorgeous too and stole her. He was determined to keep her in and she was determined to go out.

    Well, we all know about black cats and Halloween tales, so he was especially worried around Halloween time and insisted we keep her in at all expense. Our children were small enough that they needed to be escorted for trick or treat, so my sister volunteered to stay at our house and hand out candy to the trick or treaters.

    My husband repeatedly warned her against letting the black cat get out. Apparently my sister fought the cat diligently to try to comply with her brother in laws wishes, and the cat was starting to get very upset at being detained from her nightly rounds.

    At one point a knock came on the door and a child yelled trick or treat. As my sister opened the door, candy bowl in hand, the black cat came screeching down the hall, leaped out the door straight over the child’s head, letting out a wailing meow at finally being set free!

    The poor child threw his candy bag down with a scream and ran towards the street where his mother was standing. My sister tried desperately to apologize to the mother and child, but the mother was laughing so hard she didn’t hear her.

    “That was a neat trick,” was all the mother could say, “How’d you get that cat to do that?” The poor child was not amused and would not even go back into the yard to retrieve his trick or treat bag. My sister got it for him, and gave him extra candy!

  88. I remember seeing this movie only once when I was about 16 and I have never wanted to see it since. I still say it is the scariest movie ever. But compared to the ones now a days it would probably seem pretty funny

  89. Gosh, that one house down the street! That guy would always dress up in costume to give out candy. Sometimes he’d jump out of a bush, or be on the roof. Every year was different and we always hated going there, but he was a nice guy and a friend of my parents, so we’d walk up slowly and be on guard … but he’d get us every year.

  90. When I was really young my father told me to stay away from the door while he was giving out candy. He didn’t want me to see anything scary. Being the strong willed child I was, I burst my head through his legs to see a rather frightening werewolf mask. I shrieked, “SCARY ASK! SCARY ASK!,” and ran down the hallway to my bedroom, only clothed in a diaper (I couldn’t pronounce the letter M at that time). My father told me for months at bed time I would remind him, “Daddy, remember when you showed me the scary ask?!”

  91. Are you a parent? Do you think it’s kind of fun to put on a scary mask and kinda of scare your young kids just a bit? Well, about 45 years my Mom did exactly that. She scared me ….WITLESS – my own mother! Well, now its a family story and we all laugh about it. But I wonder what I’d be like today if…

  92. This is the spookiest/scariest Halloween for me! I am 9 months pregnant with my first child and could go into labor at any moment! I am terrified of the whole process! Hopefully I get my order in first 😉

  93. When I was a teenager, some of my friends and I went to a church in the area that was supposed to be haunted by civil war era ghosts. They were traitors to the union that were hung and the ghosts were known as the Blue Eyed Six. The night we went was misty and foggy. We pulled up to the church and decided to take a walk through the cemetary across the street. All of the sudden it sounded like the organ was playing and when we looked over we all swore we could see sets of blue eyes peering out the windows. It send shivers down my spine.

  94. When I was very young (one of the first trick-or treat experiences I can remember) I went trick-or treating with my older brother. He offered to carry my candy bag because I was small and was having some difficulty managing its size, but I wanted to do it myself (and I was afraid he might help himself to some of the candy). We saw some scary sights that night as we made our way from house to house, but the really horrifying sight came at the night’s end. After we walked back home, I looked into my bag of “booty” from the night’s travels only to find that I had dragged a hole in the bottom and was missing most of my candy. Truly horrifying!

  95. When we were kids we spent Halloween evening listening to spooky stories. We went to bed quite spooked and frightened. We slept in attic rooms. In the late night we were suddently awakened by loud haunting organ music filling the room. Of course we leaped out of bed and ran down the hall screaming. It turned out that for some unkown reason the transitor radio turned itself on and the station was one sending music for Halloween.

  96. When I was a little kid, I lived in a rural area and we would trick or treat at some houses where there was no outdoor lights. I remember a friend’s dad would hide behind a bush and as we approach the front door, he would jump out with a scary costume… We didn’t see him coming and my brother and I would run back to my dad in the car and we would refuse to go back to our friend’s house that night!

  97. When we were kids we spent Halloween evening listening to spooky stories. We went to bed quite spooked and frightened. We slept in attic rooms. In the late night we were suddently awakened by loud haunting organ music filling the room. Of course we leaped out of bed and ran down the hall screaming. It turned out that for some unkown reason the transitor radio turned itself on and the station was one sending music for Halloween.

  98. The scariest Halloween I remember was my younger sister and I taking my two brothers trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Along the way home we had to cross a very dark street. One of the boys fell in the middle of the street. Because we were all wearing masks, it was hard to see what happened until a car came upon us, and it wasn’t about to stop. My brother was laying in the street, his candy strewn about, and we all scrambled to get him out of the middle of the street before the car reached him. That same car followed us slowly home. It was the scariest adventure of our lives for all of us! Fortunately, my dad came out of the house with a baseball bat and the car finally sped away.

  99. As kids we were always spooked on Halloween. We lived in an old house with our elderly grandmother who was very thin and always wore black needless to say she looked much like – well needless to say – and on Halloween it was more evident. We children were down in our dark basement trying to find old rags to make costumes. All of a sudden the clothesline was parted by a very wrinkled old hand and the person who looked dressed for Halloween. We went yelling from the basement. We had a good laugh when we found out it was just grandma who dressed the part all year around.

  100. A kid up the street who was a little too threatrical for his own good held a haunted house one year when I was about 12 years old. All the kids in the neighborhood had roles in the haunted house, and I was the wolfman or werewolf. The theatrical kid wanted the hair on the wolfman to look super realistic, so he went down to the barber shop and picked up some hair off the floor. To be true to my role and costume, he had me glue the barbershop hair on my arms with Elmer’s glue. Maybe not scary, but definitely gross. It took me days to get the hair off.

  101. My scariest halloween memory is when ScanCafe provides a scanning discount and I forget to take advantage of it!

  102. My spookiest Halloween memory occurred while out trick or treating with several of my friends when I was very young. Our path required that we walk past an old vacant church. While all the houses were lighted brightly for all the trick or treaters, this church was completely dark and sat by itself on a very large otherwise vacant lot. It was scary enough having to walk past this dark, formidable spot without any light, but that was nothing when compared to our fright when a number of bats flew out from the church bell tower right into where we were walking. Some of them even flew into our faces. We thought werewolves were attacking and were sure we were doomed. I never enjoyed trick or treating after that.

  103. When I was little…like 7 or 8, there was “that house” that would deck themselves out for Halloween…spooky music, dry ice smoke, and the owner was Frankenstein. I was petrified walking up the walk (I’m surprised my mom encouraged me to go to the door) and then when the owner answered, he growled at me in a scary voice. I forgot all about my candy and ran away as fast as I could. Needless to say, I did not ever return to that house again! ;o)

  104. we lived near an “asylum” or “institute” as they called it in the 60’s..we would trick or treat near the old stone wall boundry and hear all kinds of screaming and noise..it was so dark and we would imagine the inhabitiants climbing over the wall to grab us and bring us in..it scarey feeling even writing this 40 some years later!

  105. This happened in New Jersey on the October 31st, night of 1961. My father was taking me to my friend’s house for a party. I was in the family 1958 Chevy on the passenger side and my father was driving. Just us two. We were alone on the road with no other vehicles in sight. An old cemetary was on the left side of the road. It always gave me the chills when we drove past it. . As my father was driving along, he said “Look at that”. It was a white figure floating about 15 feet off the ground, the size of a person. It was about 10 feet in front of us, floating from left to right like a cloud, except fast, and it had what seemed to be face and hands, and you could see right through it.. It was a clear moon light night so it could not have been a cloud. It looked like it had a purpose and was going somewhere. This night was really different and I still remember it to this very day 48 years after it happened. I still don’t know what it was to this very day and still leaves me wondering. My father and me would bring this event up often and he also had no idea what it was.

  106. The spookiest thing about Halloween for me was when I was 7 or 8 and I went Trick or Treating with my brother and sisters in the neighborhood. We came up to one of our classmate’s home and it was quite decorated and dark and quiet. When I approached a bowl of candy in a dark corner of the front porch our classmate jumped out of a chair we couldn’t see further in the corner and scared us silly.

  107. When “trick or treating” we always went as a group. Our parents walked with us but stayed on the sidewalk when we went up to the house. When we came back from the house they always checked what had been added to the bag. The favourite treat was a homemade candy apple. It beat all of the other store wrapped candies. The danger was some sick people put razor blades in the apples. That’s what our parents always checked for.

    In looking back, the best houses were those where people had really thought about giving children a treat that was scary but not threatening. The best was a house where the porch was dimly lit (by candles in pumpkins of course.) Once on the porch the door opened slowly and a scary voice invited you inside. There was a table with baskets of treats in the hall. Help yourself the voice said … but first a song. Sing me a song then take whatever you want from the baskets.

    Never saw a person. As you left the house, there was a loud cackle similar to that of the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz.

    It was scary at the time. In retrospect, I give the owner of the house credit for making an experience of the event.

  108. A picture is worth a thousand words, but no words were spoken the Halloween night my brother decided to play a trick on my sisters and me. The only sounds were those of four screaming young girls.

    I was six at the time. Our parents were away on vacation, leaving my big brother in charge – chore he really didn’t relish. After a fun evening of Trick or Treat, it was finally time for bed. Laden with bags full of candy, we each went to our rooms. After about an hour or so, my brother decided to create his own version of fright night by throwing small stones at each of our bedroom windows. By the time he had hit all four rooms, we were running through the house screaming, scared to death. We couldn’t find our brother anywhere, so we called the police.

    The nice policeman who came to the house only to find my brother on the front porch chuckling. My brother apparently explained the trick he played on his sisters and the policeman decided to join in. When he rang the bell, he was met with more screams. We finally let him in and explained that a ghost was tapping on all of our windows, that our parents were away, and our brother was now missing. Hysteria had taken over.

    He chuckled, opened the front door, and told my brother to come in. My brother was laughing, the policeman was laughing, but we weren’t convinced. We all slept in one bed that night – still convinced there was a ghost in our midst.

  109. Going up to a dark door for trick or treat and heard a welcome voice coming out of a ‘talking pumpkin’. Scared, we ran away, but intrigied enought to go back. The pumpkin would talk to us, tell us about our costumes, and make specific comments about us. Year after year we visited, until we were old enough to realize the man who lived there sat in the front window with a microphone and a speaker in the pumpkin. Love Halloween.

  110. I remember one Halloween night when I was a kid staying at my grandmother’s Victorian house. The floors were really creaky. I was about to fall off to sleep in bed and thought I heard someone coming upstairs as the stairs creaked. Then they seemed to go through the bedroom and into the other bedrooms on the 2nd floor.

    After I thought they had left I ran to my Aunt’s bedroom and she assured me that no one had been walking through the bedrooms.

  111. While riding a ferris wheel one Halloween, there was a loud bang from below as the ride lurched to a stop. When I looked down the ferris wheel engine was on fire. We spent 2 hours on that ride. Thirty years later, I’ve never been on another ferris wheel…

  112. We’d been out about an hour and a half… it was raining, cold, and the the rest of the neighbor kids were someplace else. The next house looked sketchy back in some trees with only dim light casting a faint yellowish glow on the door and a jack o lantern flickering at the step. The walk along the driveway was very dark, strewn with broken down cars on one side. My two kids were almost to the door when the jack ass jumped out behind me in his witch costume. He scared the holy b’jesus out of me. The kids almost collapsed from laughing and so did he. I still can’t drive past the place without a chill !!

  113. My first babysitting job was on Halloween night. I was 13 years of age. The house was set back on a secluded street….large trees surrounded it….no street lamps… It was windy…very windy.

    I started babysitting at 5pm….I took the three children (ages 10, 7 and 5) trick or treating. Came back to the house…sorted candy with the children, played and put them to bed around 830pm. I then proceeded to clean up the kitchen and pick up toys…that is when the first crank call came. They simply would hang up the phone when I answered. It happened about 3 times within an hours time. Then they stopped. I was scared….but realized it was probably just some kids playing a prank.

    The parents told me to feel free to watch tv in the very large recreation room. I sat on the sofa which was in the middle of the room (back of sofa was not against a wall). Since I was the only girl out of many brothers, I often never had control of the tv….so I felt liberated to have control of the remote! And my parents rarely allowed me to watch scary movies or cable.

    I flipped around the channels and could not find anything…so I started to read… then another crank call. So I decided to watch tv again to get my mind off the calls. The calls stopped once again.

    I found an old movie about babysitting! So I started to watch (thought what a coincidence). It started off slow…. A girl comes to babysit some children…she is talking to her friend…then she gets crank calls! Her crank caller keeps asking her if she has ‘checked the children’. I started to get very scared.

    That is where everything turned frightening. Then I started getting crank calls again….the same time the girl in the movie. My caller said nothing. My heart was pounding so hard. I could hear the trees hit the house from the fierce wind. I was a smart girl…I knew that it was just a movie and had nothing to do with it…and that it was Halloween and it was just a crank call. I was determined not to let it bother me. But I was paralyzed with fear. I was afraid to move a muscle. (Yes, I should have turned off the tv at this point…but I was 13).

    The girl in the movie calls the police (which I now was considering myself). She gets a call back from the police saying get out of the house… the calls are coming from inside the house!

    A moment later as I was now in tears and I had finally turned off the tv sitting in silence with another call coming in….the front door behind me blew wide open from the wind. I could not even scream. I jumped so high and was sure I was going to die. I ran to the door and closed it. I tried calling the parents at the party they were at (this was before everyone had cell phones) and they could not be reached.

    Sat in total silence against the wall facing front door with the phone until 1:30am when the parents arrived home. They were supposed to be home between 11:30 and midnight. Each time the phone rang I answered hoping it was the parents. They never called. The crank calls continued to come in each 10 to 15 minutes until midnight…then they stopped. I was sure each time I answered I was going to hear the the caller ask ‘have you checked the children’!

    When the parents saw me they commented that I looked like I’d seen a ghost. I told them everything. They were so apologetic about coming home so late. I was so frightened that walking to car so the father could drive me home was the longest walk (run) of my life!

    The next day it was reported that the house next to the one I was in was robbed.

    Until this day that night gives me chills. I finally saw that movie (‘When A Stranger Calls’) in its entirety when I was in my late twenties and I was just as scared as I was then.

    I never babysat again.

  114. My scariest Halloween memory? Seeing how much my wife spent on candy for the trick or treaters and now two weeks later needing to head back out to the store to get even more candy – apparently my family (including me!) has no will power.

  115. One halloween many years ago when I was young we played that game where you put your hand into varied substances without being able to see what they actually are. Its amazing what the imagination can come up with when your hand is in a bowl full of cold spaghetti etc. This was a very memorable halloween party especially when preceded by a scary movie or story.

  116. Growing up in Ireland, my Halloweens were not that spooky. But tonight I am sure it will be. Living in the US now, tonight I will go to my first “Halloween Haunt”. I have been told its very very scary with monsters jumping out at you from every angle…Just 2hrs to go!!!! I can’t wait!

  117. When I was growing up the Skurda house was THE SCAREST place In the whole neighborhood. They would Always create a “House of Horror” compete with scarey ghouls and spagetti worms coming out of everything. It always made me very scared and I remember the first time I made it throught the whole house without retreating!

  118. My mother made me a really fancy geisha costume when I was about 10. I wore it to a friends haunted house party and had to crawl through a dank, dirty cellar crawl space and ended up with sticky stuff all over my kimono. I spent the rest of the night absolutely terrified of facing my mother with that ruined costume!

  119. I remember several years ago when my 6-year-old daughter thought she was brave enough to visit the local community “haunted house.” There had been a lot of talk about this at school and she did not want to be left out of the fun. Of course her 4-year-old sister made quite a fuss and insisted on going along. Reluctantly I agreed to take them both and after paying the entry fee we entered the darkened, run down farmhouse. I carried the 4-year-old in because she was too nervous by this point to walk. Within seconds of entering I realized this was no funhouse experience. Sadistic Boy Scout leader-types and their teenage charges had gone all-out to provide for horror to the max. There were bloody babies, churning chain saws, strobe lights, and screams everywhere. After about 20 seconds the girls knew they wanted out fast. The 6-year-old who had been walking was suddenly in my arms and the 4-year-old had managed to crawl to the top of my head. They both cried and shivered as we drove home and of course dad felt a bit guilty. The little one actually developed a fever to 102 degrees that night which gives credence to concept of “scared to death.”

    Fortunately, my daughters grew up to be confidant, well-adjusted young women but to this day, I don’t think they are particularly fond of haunted houses.

  120. My childhood was back in the day when 8 year olds were allowed to trick or treat by themselves (in a group, of course). One year the weather was perfect. We started out with about five of us kids and as the night wore on we were down to two of us–me and my best friend. We knew it was late, but decided to go to ‘one more house’ on the next street. It was a house we’d never been to before, but it was much more expensive than our houses so we figured they’d give out a lot of candy. It was farther than we thought. By the time we were heading home we were the only ones still out. The moon was behind clouds now, so it was quite dark. By the time we got to our street we were walking fast, both of us cold and quite afraid. My girlfriend’s house came first and then I was alone. I remember looking around at the dark, and then I ran all the way home! We never went back to that house again–they only gave us a handful of peanuts–in the shell!

  121. When I was a kid, my elementary school had a Halloween Carnival every year. I was always so excited that I couldn’t think about anything else all day.

    The big fifth graders (well, they were big to me) got to turn their classroom into a “spook alley”. They would stack desks on top of each other to make a maze. They turned the lights off so it was completely dark. This was still in the days when people would grab you or spray you with water. (It seems that haunted houses now have a “no touch” policy.) I think it was frightening to me because I never knew what was about to happen. And the funny thing is, nothing really scary ever did happen–but the suspense made up for it.

  122. Just remarried and moved into my husbands home in time for Halloween. Our neighborhood was THE place to take church groups etc to Trick or Treat, car and bus loads came. The normal count was 500-600 kids. At the very end of a very long night of door bells and treats I answered yet another knock, I opened the door and NO ONE, as I turned to go in a HUGE gorilla leaped out from the hedges, this was not a $10.00 costume, I almost died ! Turned out my not yet introduced neighbor was the 6″+ gorilla !!!!! He expected my husband not his new bride. He felt almost as bad and I did.
    Except, I had to change my jeans!

  123. My parents were young, cosmopolitan and very attractive when I was born, so some of my earliest memories revolve around waking up in the morning to find the remains of costumes and sleeping guests piled on couches. The scary part was hoping I’d grow up to be that popular.

  124. While trick-or-treating, one family suggested I close my eyes to pick out my candy from their bowl. I did, and reached into a bowl of gooey “guts” that turned out to be spaghetti. But I was young enough to be fooled at first and very shaken!

  125. someone set up a haunted house blindfolded us and used spaghetti and calliflower etc and convinced us it was our friends guts and brains—vewy vewy scawey

  126. My scariest Halloween had to be when I was a teenager and we all thought it would be fun to go to the local cemetary on Halloween night. Unfortunately, the caretakers, expecting the local teens to show up on Halloween decided to greet us in goulish costumes which needless to say, scared us half to death.Lesson learned.

  127. First,I was delighted to learn that you existed. But, I could not get togerther all that stuff to send. Soon, I hope.
    Re Halloween, as a kid I was in India and our ghosts were quite benign and we did not have a Halloween. Here they are all over, Only in America!

  128. The dark houses on the block always creeped me out, but I understand completely now that I’m older.

  129. My scariest Halloween memory includes my oldest son, quite studly, and now serving in Iraq. He was in fourth grade and decided that he wanted to dress up as a woman. Silently freaking out, I am thinking all along, oh well, when it really comes time, he will chicken out. The day approached and it was clear that he was going to be the cutest little 4th grade girl that ever was. I cringed, but never shut it down. I still enjoy the picture of my son, proudly dressed as the cutest little girl showing off in my Methodist pastors house. Yes a Halloween to remember!

  130. When I was about 8 or 9, I went out trick or treating with a buddy Steve. After we played a “trick” on a house we didn’t like for some reason, we ran to get away across several front lawns. In the dark, we did not see one of the driveways was recessed about 1-2 ft below the lawn. Steve and I pitched forward adn slammed face down on the driveway. I got a cut lip and a banged up forehead, but was OK. But Steve just lay there moaning in pain. I looked over and saw that the fall had knocked out a bunch of his teeth, whcih were scattered around his head. Oh my God!

    But there were so many teeth! After my head cleared up a bit, I realized that the white things all around Steve’s head were some of his popcorn, not his teeth. Whew! A close call.

  131. I remember going to a farm out in the countryside one year, where they really went all out to create a haunted house. I remembered the ghosts, witches and headless men for many years afterwards…..

  132. Having been born on November 2nd, I always had sleepover birthday parties on Halloween. On my 12th, several of us were making the rounds when we crossed paths with a group of older kids who were making it there job to terrorize the neighborhood. As we stood across the street from old lady Salerno’s house, the mischievous group of boys appeared suddenly and pelted her garage and front door with several dozen eggs and set off an M-80 in her front yard. As I stood there a little dumbstruck, the front door flew open and a huge and clearly irate man dressed in a gorilla outfit came barreling out on a bee line to me and screaming at the top of his lungs. I instantly dropped my bulging bag of candy and, fueled by the largest infusion of adrenaline I’d ever experienced, ran like the wind to get away from this maniac. He got very close to catching me and, to this day, I occasionally have nightmares of that episode.

  133. I must have suppressed my scary memories. The halloweens I remember growing up in the early 60’s as an army brat on various posts are all about the candy. I do remember one year when we were living in New Jersey that my parents were concerned about doctored candy and fruits. They wouldn’t let us eat all the candy we had collected. What a bummer.

  134. The spookiest moment for me was my first recollection. I’m in a crib and far away I can see myself surrounded by black smog, and from within the smog you can make out red lights. There had to be between 3-6 figures surrounding me. A few days later my cousin died who was born a few days later than me.

  135. Once when I went trick or treating, a neighbor had built a mechanical rigging of ghosts that would fly, spooky music that played, gust of wind that howled, and a rocking chair that rocked by itself. As I stepped onto their porch, all of the halloween rigging automatically started. I screamed so much and ran as fast as I could to get off their property.

  136. The spookiest thing for me growing up was the guy running around our town’s “haunted house” with the fake chainsaw. No matter how many times I told myself it wasn’t real, when he got close my skin would crawl as I heard that noise!

  137. Trick or treating at the local haunted house, complete with a coffin and the rising dead. Scared the #%#@ out of me.

  138. Walked up to a house with a “scarecrow” sitting in a chair on the porch, his pumpkin head lit up and he handed us some candy.

  139. The scariest Halloween I can remember is when I was 5 years old. My sister was babysitting me and we head a pounding on the living room window around 10 pm. My sister and I were scared out of our mind. A couple minutes later, we hear a chainsaw start up and it kept getting louder and louder. At this point we were bawling our heds off. My sister frantically called the police. They came over and searched our property with these large bright flashlights. There was no trace of the chainsaw pranksters. I don’t think I slept for weeks after that night. Months later, we found out that the pranksters were my teenage brother and his friend. My brother found it pretty funny but my sister and I found it traumatizing.

  140. We had a neighbor who loved to hide in the bushes in front of his house. He would jump out and scare us as we approached the porch- or some years wait until we were leaving and had let down our guard thinking he wasn’t doing it that year.

  141. I was about 10 or 12 yrs old and went to a Halloween Party in my small country town. It was a full moon so I took a shortcut by walking down some railroad tracks and past a dark country train station where I met my friend Billy. At the party we were told that a ‘BODY’ had been found earlier at the train station and we needed to identify the parts! We were blindfolded as they proceeded to pass around the ‘body parts’ (eg grapes were eye balls, spagetti was blood vessels, raw hamburger for brains, etc.). Needless to say I walked the long way back home!

  142. There was this one old house (typical, overgrown and unkempt) in our neighborhood when we were kids. We never got up the courage to go even in the yard on Halloween… until we were like 12 and then screwed up the courage and found out they were pretty nice folks who gave out good candy…

  143. We lived in a big, old house, set way back from the street and surrounded by trees. It was raining and dark out, but I went out trick-or-treating for candy anyway. My older brother hid in the trees and jumped out and spooked me as I was coming home. I dropped my candy and shot into the house screaming. My mother figured out the culprit and made my brother give me half his candy. Of course he gave me the junkie stuff that he didn’t want.

  144. Back in 1989 in the fraternity house we brought a exorcist in on Halloween night. We invited a few sororities over and this guy preceded to scare the hell out of 250 people around midnight that night.

  145. wow. some of these are great!!!! Have fun reading through them all. fun fun.

    Many years ago, I was at a haunted house my school did. super scary with neon lights and people jumping out of walls all over the place….

    After the night was done I was giving a few friends a ride home. They headed to the car before me as I went back to get some school books…

    As I came back to the car, they were no where to be seen.. right until I got right to the car. and BAM! they jumped up and scared the hell out of me.



  146. When I was 10, the scariest Halloween experience happened to me. We were watching a very scarey Halloween movie late after trick or treating and my cousin, who was a Marine and supposedly away on a mission, snuck in our back yard, creeped into our house and slammed a door at just the scariest moment in the movie. We all were screaming. It was so scarey. And then it was just great to see him.

  147. My scariest Halloween memory growing up? Sorry, I spent most of my childhood in Japan. That’s just one of the many things I missed out on!

  148. One year I was trick-or-treating alone. It had gotten a bit late, and the streets were deserted, but I was trying to maximize my haul. As I walked away from a particular house, my attention was grabbed by the house across the street. Its garage door faced the road and was open. There was a dim light in the garage, but I couldn’t directly see the source of the light. I was puzzled by the way that the garage was lit … it just seemed abnormal. As I crossed the street toward this house (to get yet more candy) my visual confusion started to fade as I got the idea that there was something between me and the source of light; maybe there was a lamp at the back of the garage, and something was in the middle, blocking my view of the lamp, while the walls of the garage were dimly lit. It still seemed weird to me somehow. Looking back on this memory I can’t quite figure out why I wasn’t able to see this more clearly. I don’t quite remember, but maybe the light was just a candle; in such a case it all would have been pretty dim.
    Anyway, I walked into the driveway, toward the garage. Now I could almost see it. There was indeed something in the middle of the garage, between me and the dim light source. And there was something on the ground beneath. “What IS that?”, I thought, now no more than 20 feet from the mysterious thing.
    And suddenly I realized what it was: a deer carcass hanging by its rear legs with a pan underneath it collecting blood. This in the middle of a quiet suburban subdivision. That was a sudden adrenaline rush for me. I had never seen anything like that before. (And I never have since, nearly thirty years later.)
    It all seemed like pretty bad humor for a Halloween night.

  149. The spookiest halloween I ever remember is the time I watched Exorcist. I was 8 years old, cold from walking in halloween and I made believe I was asleep while my older brother watched the Exorcist. I thought I was so cool. Problem was, I was so scared, I could not fall asleep for 2 days.

  150. I went out on halloween night with a friend who was (is) into ghost hunting. I didn’t really expect much, honestly. She took us to a well near a park in a very old city in the US. The story was that, hundreds of years ago, a woman who had a child out of wedlock had committed suicide by throwing herself down the well. So my friend has a sound recorder and a gadget for measuring electromagnetic fields, etc. and starts talking to whoever might be lurking in the well (ghosts, spirits). Nothing. Then finally she asks if they just want us to leave when suddenly her gadget lights up and the recorder catches something. It sounded like "get out’ in a very chilling voice. Sure enough, when listening afterwards to the audio, there was what sounded like a faint voice saying "get out." I know there was no one else anywhere near the recorder, and my friend, who can be heard in the clip, starts talking right after not quite realizing what had happened — it was very fast. I transfered it to mp3 so you can hear it, too.
    Whatever you think, it was scary out in the dark next to that well! Listen yourself.

  151. Coming from England, where Halloween is not so huge, the scariest Halloween was a couple of years ago when I went to a party in America. Lots of things were going on, children dressed up, and adults, noises, films and then, in the pool of the house we were visiting, I thought I saw a body, floating face down in the pool . . . . . I ran over to look and then realized that it was a body, but a live one floating with the aid of a very small snorkel. At first I wondered at the extravagance of the party hosts to pay someone to float as if dead in their pool! Later I learned he was there as a ‘lifeguard’ in case a child fell in . . . . .

  152. I wish I had a good scary story but I don’t, halloween has always been more fun for me than frightening. Closest thing I can get to being scared was just a couple years ago when I took my kids to the haunted corn maze. Going in, I bought all of us some of those Luma Stick, break it and shake it, phosphorescent lights to wear so we could see each other in the dark. Somewhere well into the maze and after many predictable attacks by the corn maze employees, I noticed a Luma Stick laying on the ground. Thinking someone had dropped it, I without hesitation, reached down to pick it up…just as I touchedt it, a hand came out of the corn and grabbed my wrist. This was truly unexpected and startled me to the point of pulling away so hard that I fell into the corn on the other side of the path.

  153. I remember a haunted house that someone in my neighborhood set up. As a little kid, the darkness and the ghoulish sounds were terrifying!

  154. Lived in Gary, Indiana and used to go trick-or-treating with a group of friends. My sister and I and a girl friend were 11 yeasrs old and were finishing up about 8:30 p.m. in the neighborhood and on our way home. One of the high school boys jumped out from behind the bushes and scared the s— out of us! To this day I am always careful walking around high bushes!

  155. My big sister took me trick or treating one year. We passed a yard that was decorated with antique coffins – scary enough. One coffin was kid sized. My sister said to the group, “Let’s see if Tom fits in one.” I never let her take me trick or treating again.

  156. My biggest scare when I was a kid and several of us in the neighborhood went out to the park and vandalized some of the facilities on Halloween night and made lots of noise. For several weeks after I was afraid that we would be identified and our parents notified.

  157. My scariest halloween was when I was 3 years old and the old lady down the street dressed like a witch and scared me when she opened the door!

  158. Albuquerque Oct 31, 1999, homeless man trying to break into my apartment in the middle of the night. He tried kicking in the front door then tried to go in the rear window. Police saved the day!

  159. My scariest Halloween moment was… At age six, I was left at a friend’s house for the night. His parents had minimal restrictions on what movies were ok for kids. 3 hours later, a large bowl of candy eaten, and Friday the 13th almost completed, I began to wonder about the my fate in the world. Vomiting from the massive amounts of candy was followed by a sleepless night.

  160. I was frightened that when I returned home from a night of Trick -Or-Treating though my neighborhood in my hometown in western Kansas (over 40 years ago) that all I would have would be a bag full of homemade pocorn balls, candy apples, and pumpkin sugar cookie plus a few of those little hard candies. When all I really wanted was the GOOD STUFF – the store bought FULL SIZE candy bars!!!

  161. Es muy interesante cuando uno lee los comentarios de otras personas, como cada pais tiene sus costumbres y memorias. a nosotros nos gustaba asustar y mojar a los niños que iban a la casa a pedir dulces.

  162. My scariest Halloween was a couple of years ago on a storm filled night when we had a party at our home for 35 kids. All was going well, then the power went out!! what a long night it was with all of the kids screaming and wanting to go home!!

  163. I was scared by some of the old, strange neighbors. It was easy to believe what other kids said about them, such as: they killed their children…

  164. When I was left with my siblings many years ago on a Halloween night, upon going to bed I was terrified by shreiks, screams and howling in the attich directly over my bed. When my parents returned I learned that my brothers and sister were responsible for the antics!

  165. I remember trick-or-treating in my neighborhood and went to one house that had a huge decoration of a spooky gorilla on the porch. When I got up to the house and rang the doorbell, no one was home. I turned to leave and the gorilla jumped up – it was the owner of the house in a costume! It was terrifying but at least we got a few extra pieces of candy out of it!

  166. My friend and I were told that a cranky older man gave 50 cents to children who rang the door bell at his darkend house of Halloween night. After some debate and scaring ourselves to death, we rang the bell and indeed were rewarded with 50 cents each.

  167. I would always be dressed as a clown, and monsters never tried to eat me, maybe they were scared I would taste funny.

  168. I must have been about 10 and my mom dragged me to a church Halloween “fun” house for the first time. As I carefully wended my way through the darkened house, the first few stops were unremarkable. Then I entered a nearly pitch-black room where someone quickly grabbed my hand, thrust it into a pan of wet, slimy balls and then whispered menacingly in my ear, “How do you like your eyeballs?”

    I’m sure my scream could be heard for miles around. The eyeballs were peeled grapes, come to find out. Today, this would probably be considered child abuse, though in the late 1950s this, for some reason, was felt to be stock Halloween fun.

  169. Growing up an american in Germany, german neighbors did not understand our spooky celebration. To celebrate properly, we would visit the US military housing areas with their gobs of sweet imported american candy. It was a fantastic memory to reinforce our american identity, giant bowlfuls overflowing with “home” candy.

  170. My scariest Halloween happened when I was in 9th grade. My best friend and I went to the school Halloween dance. Her father had gone fishing that day, and caught a small sandshark. He had chopped off the head, and we thought a good prank would be to jam the head into a toilet bowl in the girls’ room so it looked like the shark had swum up the pipes. Well all the girls went crazy, as did the principal who vowed to find the culprits.

    My best friend and I hid in the wings behind the school stage, still holding the evidence (a bag of sandshark slime) while the principal stomped around. Well, my friend was dressed as a dragon – her costume had a papier mache head that actually breathed fire out the nose through little propane lighters (she later became an engineer, no surprise there). I was dressed as a damsel-in-distress, with a veil made of netting. She was so scared she accidentally hit the propane button – and my entire veil went up in flames. We escaped without getting caught and without setting the school on fire, but from then on limited our pranks to toilet paper. No one ever knew who had stuffed the shark head into the toilet. 30 years later – maybe I should email the principal and confess. Or maybe not. 😉

  171. In Brooklyn, in the 1960’s, the scariest part of Halloween was getting home from school without getting “egged” or covered with shaving cream or, worst of all, getting covered with Nair (which caused huge parts of your hair to fall out).

  172. Fourteen years ago on Halloween 1995 at 5:46 am my daughter was born. The nurse stuck a little black and orange ribbon on her forhead and said she is ready to take how. What this a trick or a treat? Would we really be able to keep her alive and care for her? Well, putting her in the car and taking her home was the scariest halloween I have ever had. So far, so good…..She is a great…..for a teenager!

  173. I was born in India and lived in Ghana, Jamaica and then Nigeria (starting at nearly 8 years old) and don’t recall much about Halloween as a really wee one. But in Nigeria I attended an American missionary school and they have Halloween ever year. It wasn’t something you celebrated in the streets but from 2 to 4pm at school with a parade and each grade having a mini party. I had hear of trck or treat, but never experienced it until I came to the USA for university at age 17. Come to think of it, I have never said “Trick or treat?” 🙂

  174. I came to this country when I was 15 and only a few months before Halloween. I had never experience halloween before in my country of origin so all my americanized cousins were filling me in all the details on what to expect. However, being teenagers they all embellished it a bit by claiming that dead people woke up that day and walked around. I couldn’t believe it but was a little scared to go out that night. when I was getting dressed I heard a knock in my back door and went to open it. I walked out into the patio and when I turned around there were three “zombies” walking towards me. I started screaming and running and crying as they were running after me. I didn’t stop until I was stopped by a neighbor. When I looked back there were my three cousins with their masks off of their amazingly real costumes and they were all laughing at me. I didn’t do any trick-or-treating that night but my cousins were grounded for a long time!!

  175. My favorite halloween as a youngster was going to the festival at Fairyland. They had a lot of people dressed up in scary costumes and a lot of candy.

  176. Going through the haunted house at Universal Studios my friend and I were startled by 2 “characters” who jumped out at us with knives and all covered with blood. We screamed and ran.

  177. My scariest Halloween memory would be going to a bon fire out in the country where we told scary stories in the dark. We rode a bus to this bon fire so on the way back the bus stopped at a cemetery and all the boys jumped off the bus before the girls knew what was going on. We then had to sit there in the dark, waiting for the boys to come back and scare us. We screamed and screamed. Sometimes the boys would beat on the side of the bus and make us scream even more. So much fun!

  178. My scariest Halloween moment was… when I watch the Friday the 13th a day before the Halloween. the next day, in our street, while we were picking candies from the bowl, the guy dressed in one costumes from the movie jumped out from the bush, and scare the hell out of us.

  179. Scariest moment was seeing an apparition in my friend’s house on halloween night, back in the mid 90s. The apparition was see-through and was dressed in Victorian-era clothing. Very spooky!

  180. My dad put a frozen skunk in the school HVAC system on Saturday night and it thawed out by Monday morning. Phew!


  182. It was 1960, fall Girl Scout camping trip just before Halloween……our campfire at Camp Sacajawea included ghost stories – of course – our leaders read some Edgar Allen Poe, then one of them told a story of a horrible man who haunted the camp – when alive he had walked through the camp along the railroad tracks along the James River – a midnight (of course) train came by and he had no place to get out of the way and was run down – the train’s lonely whistle as it rounds the curve below the heights of the camp signals the engineer’s nightly reminder of the gory death – the man is said to wander the tracks making sure the train whistles. Of course we all (15 of us) end up in only one tent for the night as we squealed at every little sound and the whistle of the midnight train………..don’t think any of us, including the leaders got any sleep. Wonder if the train still whistles nearly 50 years later?

  183. When I was 5 someone popped out of a bush while I was trick-or-treating and scared me to death!

  184. When I was about 10, my mother, for the first time, let me go trick or treating on my own to two other blocks in our neighborhood. On one of those streets, my friend and I knocked on a stranger’s door. A man answered and immediately yelled at us, “You don’t live around here. Get out of here and go back to your own neighborhood.” We were so terrified that we both turned around and ran home to our own block. So the spookiest thing was not somebody’s costume or scare tactic, but this guy’s angry reaction to us showing up at his door.

  185. When I was 5, I had to go down to a dark, shadowy and spooky basement filled with spiders and other creepy creatures ,and perhaps ghosts, to help my grandfather shovel coal into the furnace.

  186. I was about 10 years old and my sister and I were telling scary stories in the darkened livingroom. I left to get a drink in the kitchen. At the back door, I saw a dark figure of a man standing outside, looking down so I couldn’t see his face. I screamed and ran out of the room. It turned out he was my uncle coming for a visit.

  187. When I was very young, my mom did a “haunted house” for us in the garage. We were guided through in darkness and told to stick our hands in bowls of things like eyeballs and “guts”. I learned later that they were peeled grapes and cooked spaghetti, but it sure seemed real at the time.

  188. I took my 4 year old to the haunted house at Kings Dominion. It was much scarier than I thought, she buried her head in my shoulder the whole time and I found myself screaming to get out of there!

  189. It was Halloween and I had been punished that day – so I couldn’t go out to trick-or-treat. I decided to sneak out of my window anyway and was out for about an hour and got about twenty or thirty decent candy treats. Then I went back to my house and tried to crawl into my bedroom window and I made a little noise in the process. My body was half way into the window and in the shadows, I saw these large hairy legs and feet on the floor in front of me. I slowly looked up and gazed at one of the most frightening sights I have ever seen – my old aunt Helen from North Dakota who had been staying with us (morbidly obese), in a full set of hair rollers, and wearing only a mammoth sized brassiere with a gigantic pair of underpants! I had woken her up in the next room. God it was awful!

  190. I was walking our dog on Halloween. The lake was frozen near our house and there were tall reeds at one end. It was nearly dark when I saw something really, really huge walking upright into the reeds. Our dog knew everybody in the farming community, but he started to whine and wanted to get off the leash and home. He refused to follow whatever it was and whatever it was I didn’t want to find out.

  191. When I was around 12 years old, I had a friend who lived down the street just across from the wall to the local cemetery. He was into electronics, radio, etc. One year, he set up a hidden speaker near the cemetery wall, hooked up to a microphone in his bedroom, with a window overlooking the road. We spent a few hours on Halloween watching for unsuspecting kids — whenever a group would approach, we’d make all kinds of spooky “Oooohhhh!!!” sounds and the kids would scatter in a hurry. It was a bit sadistic but fun.

  192. My family & I would visit my uncle’s on Halloween. He lived out in the middle of nowhere & when it got dark all the kids would take a tractor ride out back to his pasture. My uncle would start telling ghost stories & when he started talking about the crazy guy with the hook for a hand, we would always end up screaming & running back to the house.

  193. My scariest Halloween was when I was 6 years old living on the farm. My brothers were babysitting for my sister and me. We lived in an old farmhouse and about bedtime, my sister and I began to hear noises and then stumping on the roof. We were so frightened and believed that someone was trying to get in the upstairs bedroom windows. But, we soon found out that one of our older brothers had been playing the pranks on us.

  194. The scariest Halloween I remember was when I was very young and seeing a witch (our neighbor) out in front of her house with a a boiling cauldron of what she said was a bunch of creepy crawly things she had made “soup” with.

  195. Spookiest Halloween – As a teenager too grown up for halloween, my Dad waited until I had fallen asleep and then woke me up wearing a hooded mask and fake knife. It was sacary as anyhting. Of course, shortly after, we laughed about, as he reminded me that your never too old to enjoy Halloween.

  196. My scariest Halloween was losing my 4 yo son running around in the dark. He was found OK but for the next few years his costume featured lightsticks!

  197. Oh, hands down the time I went up to the door to trick or treat, and the scary strawman slumped over the chair got up and chased us!

  198. I loved Halloween! Our next door neighbor would always take off his finger. We could never figure out how he did it! We would take pillowcases out and get them totally filled up. I never ate all the candy we brought home. You were never afraid of candy apples and other yummy treats people would make.

  199. I guess because I grew up in small-town Ohio in the 50s, few things were actually scary. About the most scary was being with my friends (5-8 year olds) and getting caught up in a group of older boys (13-15) who had moved past just getting candy and into the pranks of the day. Today it would be vandalism! I recall we really wanted to be with the bigger boys, but we just knew we would be the ones caught and our parents would kill us.

  200. When I flew cross country on Halloween and arrived to find my roommate moved out and maggots growing in the sink!

  201. In our neighborhood there was actually a house that (too us) had a large witches kettle in the front yard. No one would go near the house on Halloween!

  202. Our baby sitter showed up one year to trick-or-treat and we didn’t recognize her in her costume. My brother and I, who were young at the time and didn’t understand halloween, were frantic until she took off her costume. Even then we weren’t sure if it was really her. I don’t remember her ever trick-or-treating at our house again.

  203. We had just moved here from Sweden and were not familiar with Halloween customs. So when two little children knocked on our front door and held out their bags of candy — my mother reached in an took a piece of candy from each of the bags! The children screamed. Believe me, for them, it was the scariest Halloween!

  204. I remember being scared to walk between houses to trick-or-treat. We lived in a semi-rural area, and it was very dark with some distance between houses. When the wind blew the leaves around, it was especially scary.

  205. My scariest Halloween? This was probably when I was about 8 and went trick-or-treating with my older brother. Somehow we got separated and I couldn’t find him until I caught up with him several houses later down the street.

  206. I remember when my little brother aimed his slingshot at a distant street light and accidentally put it out. The police put him in a broom closet at the station for awhile until our parents went to get him out.

  207. i was always afraid of getting a piece of candy with a razor blade in it. my mom would always tell us not to eat any of it until she was able to go through it.

  208. A small house in a small town in northern Minnesota was inhabited by an old man living alone. You would seldom see him around town. What was he like? Was it safe to knock? Did he know any children? But our desire for candy on Halloween made us swallow our spooky feelings and knock on the door. After a delay of 30 seconds or so, the door swung open and there he stood, dressed in a ghastly skeleton costume. We fled in a panic and never visited that little house again.

  209. A couple years ago I sat in my car in a parking lot of a retail store where I was working. I had moved to California because of the anxious listlessness that always seemed to be with me in Texas. I sat and listened to the radio where a short story was being read on NPR. I was 24 years old and drank like my father did before he had died; I was having a tough time in life. I was attempting to change things. Already dark, it was crisp, cool outside; I was closing that night; I had just eaten some dinner on my break. In my car, I sat and listened to the short story read.

    The story was about a grown man who had been estranged from his father since he was a young man. He was older now, and he had hatched a bizarre plan to see this man he puzzled over. It was Halloween and he was to put on a mask like a trick-or-treater and go to his father’s house and ring the doorbell.

    He drove to the neighborhood where his father lived, He had the mask on; he walked up to his father’s house and rang the bell. The door opened and his father stood there in front of him. Only the Halloween mask between them, he got to look at his father, and see this man for the first time since he was young.

    I sat and listened, enraptured by the story. When the guy stood there in front of his father, there was no revelation, nothing happened, he just saw him. I had drove into San Francisco the night before where they party in the streets on Halloween night. It was 2003 and a Friday night; everybody was out. I saw a beautiful girl with upturned eyes shuffling past in the crowd. I remember seeing her to this day. I bought a pint whiskey and drank it alone on the streets among the revelers.

    Nothing changed as a result of that Halloween, just a moment of spooky romanism and lonely longing. I will report to you now that I have a different life, no more loneliness among partiers, drinking on city streets, or peering into the past for answers.

  210. Scariest Halloween memory was as a 10 year old…trick or treating in our row house neighborhood…it was very dark and getting very late. One of the last house my friends and I went to had just one light on inside. We were greated at the door by a very old lady in a black dress with shaggy gray hair, who invited us to come inside. We sang a song for her and she said she would go into her kitchen to get us some candy. As she entered the kitchen the light in the living room went out and the door slammed behind us. We heard voices screaming and we started screaming too. In a matter of seconds…that seemed like minutes, the lights came back on and the woman’s two sons were laughing at us. It turns out the woman’s hair was a wig and she was really not that old. They gave us a healthy share of candy and sent us on our way. That was the end of our trick or treating that night!

  211. According to my husband, Pirates of the Caribbean is terrifying as a little boy. Most of my memories of Halloween are tame and/or funny.

  212. My spookiest halloween was when a friend and I made up alien costumes to scare our two little sisters. My blood curdling screams were quite impressive, but they had nothing to do with terrorizing the little squirts. While running through the woods, I stepped on a yellow jacket nest and 25+ little black and yellow goblins cast a vicious stinging spell on me.

  213. One year we decided to go all out and decorate the home for all the trick-or-treater kids. The house was complete with graveyard,skulls and zombies. We bought tons of candy to hand out. The house was so scary that no one ever came. We were alone all night and started getting frightened by all our own decorations.

  214. When I was 8 there was a house in the neighborhood that Really looked like a witch’s house, steep swooping roof lines, dark and foreboding. On halloween we got up the nerve to peek in one of the side windows into a vacant room, vacant except for a huge black widow spider! that was enough for us and we hightailed it out of there.

  215. Halloween Houses near the Jersey shore were so scary for my brother and I when we were young.. that we always took along special spices and crosses thinking that it would save us from the characters… so funny that none of this is real – but we were absolutely convinced that these would help us!

  216. My creepiest halloween was sometime in the late 1960s when a group of friends went to the local park, Pacific Palisades Park in the Los Angeles area, after trick or treating. A huge group of local kids had assembled. Then the police came and there was some kind of standoff. It turned pretty ugly with bottles and rocks being thrown. Many were arrested that night but I left almost immediately after the police showed up.

  217. My spookiest Halloween was then nite we spent in the tree house with the wind blowing and the clouds going over. We could hear the coyotes howling and then the screech of a bobcat close by. We remembered seeing signs of a bobcat in the tree house and got really scared that it was going to some up where we were.

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