Halloween Costumes

This Halloween has us thinking about photos from years past — the old decorations, the treats, our first costumes! There’s something special about that very first costume, isn’t there? Whether it was lovingly handmade by a devoted parent, or excitedly chosen on a family outing, that costume will always be precious.

Tell us about your first, or most memorable Halloween costume below!

One of my first costumes for a Halloween party was as a ghoul. Mom spent days tearing up old sheets, soaking them in different dyes and stitching them back together into rags. Dad, who worked briefly as a theater stage-hand, spent hours flouring my hair and building up the most gruesomely ashen, blood-stained make up. Most of the other eight year old girls showed up as fairies and princesses and had no idea what a ghoul was. In fact my make up was so scary some of them wouldn’t even talk to me. I really stuck out, but it sure was a creepy costume!

And, pictured is our very own Amanda with her sister, Shannon. She was just six years old when this was taken, and they’re dressed as a panda and Sylvester.

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  1. My Nana (mom’s mom), who just passed away a few weeks ago, always sewed our costumes herself. I was everything from a clown to a dragon but she made every costume on a machine from a pattern, from our hoods to our shoe covers. One year I was a black cat and my sister was a mouse. I actually stumbled upon a picture of us while going through photos I want to scan. It was so memorable because I had a favorite stuffed animal (a pig, still have him!), who I never went anywhere without, that my Nana and I (I helped!) a cheese costume. We put him in a triangular box we made to look like a piece of Swiss cheese with holes for his little head, arms, and feet. My sister carried him trick-or-treating. The picture of the three of us is priceless. It was a special year and my Nana was a special lady who will be missed.

  2. One Fall day when I was four I was playing in our big Burlingame back yard. My mom was mowing the lawn with the old push and pull lawn mower as she sang a favorite song of the time, “I could set the world on fire all for the love of you”
    I thought to myself I love my mommy so much! and I slipped away up the basement stairs pass my nine year old sister to my second bedroom where I gathered my Halloween costumes into a nice pile at the foot of my child’s bed, I hesitated putting my favorite one into the stack as I liked the little red tail and horns, but it too would be sacrificed for the great cause. I flicked the wood match stick against the wall and with the small flame set the costumes of Halloween past ablaze! Soon the high flames licked against the wood foot board of my bed and in my awe and fear I quickly snuck out of my room closing the door fast and tight behind me. Out of sight out of mind. Before long my sister said “I
    smell smoke do you?” of course I said “‘no'” Then things happened quickly, she saw the bonfire in my room yelled to my mom, “Kathy’s room is on fire!!” and in an instant my mom found a wool blanket and heroically smothered the flames of my room. Then, with her own anger aflame and a switch in hand chased me around the house. I cried but I thought you’d be happy!!
    Yelling to my sister “get her!!”

  3. It is very hard to pick just one memorable halloween costume… I have a few and I recently got some of the photos scanned 1) The ghost (age 4) with glitter around eyes and mouth that my mom made for me out of sheets. I also had a ghost sign on a stick that I used to cover my face to be “less scary.” 2) An old woman (age 9) a old lady mask, some clothes from my great grandma and my mom’s perfume. 3) My mom made me a snow white costume from the disney pattern! It was so amazing I wanted to wear it everyday (age 5)!! That same Halloween my baby brother was Peter Pan. He wore his costume once and then refused to wear it for trick or treat… but he did keep the hat on when people were trying to guess who he was for halloween…

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