Easier Than Hanging Lights, And It Lasts Forever

Gift BoxWell, it is definitely that time of year again.  I spent the past weekend peppering my house and landscaping with little white lights (how much do we enjoy unknotting those things from last year; I swear I packed them nice and neat) and the air is ringing with the sound of the holidays.

This year is a bit tough on all of us and the economic climate has made a lot of people think about what could be a truly meaningful gift this season.  It is in that respect that I am proud to announce our latest product: a prepaid Gift Box.  For the first time, consumers can give ScanCafe’s award-winning services to anyone, even those without internet access, making sharing memories among loved ones easier than ever.

Gift Box WrappedGift Boxes can be purchased online and sent directly to a friend or family member. The gift recipient will then be able to fill the box with treasured photos, slides and negatives to be hand-scanned and digitally restored by ScanCafe’s expert photo technicians, breathing new life into the past for the special people on Santa’s list.

Who wants another present that is just going to be obsolete in six months, when fashion or technology changes?  In tough times it is important to focus on that which is truly meaningful.  Spend Christmas morning by the fire with your family reliving your past – trust me, it will be much more fun than putting together a bike (which is what I will be doing for my four year old son – he wants a “black and gold” one.  I wonder if he knows Smokey and the Bandit?