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It is with great pride that I wish all my fellow Marines, past and present, a joyful and wonderful Birthday!  Our beloved Corps is a young and healthy 232 years of age.  232 years of leading the charge and insuring our freedom.  Below I present the Commandant’s Birthday Message as well as that of General […]

I’m a proud new papa!

I am a proud new father (if you swing by our offices in Burlingame, I will give you a cigar).  We just launched a completely new website and I couldn’t be more proud of the results.  Not only is the new website faster and more professional, but it is a testament to the valuable input […]

Response to negative marketing tactics from “competitors”

Hi all. Sorry I have not written in a couple of weeks. My wife said we needed a vacation. Having been married for nearly 5 years, I know when to listen to my wife (usually). During the time off, an interesting topic came up from a reporter as to why we have not been more […]

Essence of a CEO’s job

I was in the customer service office the other day (which drives our stellar reps, Melissa and Anjuli nuts) just sort of kicking around – and I fielded a telephone call from a customer. I try to do this a few times a week; for one, it keeps me in tune with the types of […]