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ScanCafe’s new online digital restoration service as seen on!

Hi Folks, I am proud to announce ScanCafe’s new digital restoration service. As with everything else we do – we worked to ensure ease of use for our customers while maintaining the highest level of quality and affordability in the industry. It was important to us to maintain the value proposition of only paying for […]

Spring Cleaning with ScanCafe

Spring is in the air (at least in California). Isn’t it exciting? While many of you gear up for your annual cleaning and de-cluttering extravaganza, I thought I’d suggest something people often overlook when clearing out the clutter: digitally converting your old photos. Our research shows that the average U.S. household has about 10,000 photos […]

ScanCafe Named Winner in Money Magazine’s Field Test

I could not have asked for a better Christmas present than this. ScanCafe is the flat out winner in Money Magazine’s photo scanning field test – check out the January 2008 edition. This is outstanding news for us in more ways than are obvious. Clearly it helps our business, but from a personal perspective, it […]

ScanCafe Review in Popular Photography

‘Tis been a good start to the holiday season for ScanCafe.  John Owens, the Editor in Chief of “Popular Photography and Imaging” – a leading photography journal, just posted a positive ScanCafe review in the December edition of his magazine.  This is even more exciting than being in O Magazine (sorry, Oprah, you probably don’t […]

ScanCafe in Oprah Magazine

I have to say, my mother in law, a devout disciple in the land of Oprah, was quite excited to find ScanCafe in the December holiday issue of Oprah’s magazine “O”. Obviously, getting a mention in such a wide spread publication was exciting for all of us (ahem, page 124 – you can pick one […]