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Easier Than Hanging Lights, And It Lasts Forever

Well, it is definitely that time of year again.  I spent the past weekend peppering my house and landscaping with little white lights (how much do we enjoy unknotting those things from last year; I swear I packed them nice and neat) and the air is ringing with the sound of the holidays. This year […]

We Are the World, Part II

We announced today the results of some research we recently did with Gfk (formerly the Roper Organization) about Americans and how well they’re doing saving their memories. The answer is, not so well. It turns out 85% of Americans–even young Americans–want not just their grandchildren to see their old photos, but their GREAT grandchildren. The […]

A great photo – that could have been greater

I thought I would take a moment to pass on a great photo related story from our PepCom experience.  But first, let me recommend eating at the Extra Virgin in the West Village – Wade was so impressed with the Gazpacho that he took a photo of it. Anyway, I was speaking with a nationally […]

Things we liked at PepCom

ScanCafe took a bite out of the Big Apple at the Fall PepCom event.  The purpose was to bring a bunch of creative consumer focused companies together in one place to present ideas for the upcoming Holiday season (what, already?) to a bunch of national reporters.  A good idea, really, it allows for both companies […]

Work with a documentary filmmaker – free

We’re very excited to bring you a special offer! We’ve heard from many customers that they wanted to make a presentation or slideshow using their scanned photos. So, we’ve made special arrangements with a leading San Francisco-area documentary filmmaker to have her produce customer slideshows. She will interview you (by phone) to understand you and […]