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An Oregon Photographer on the Trail of Haunting and Soulful Images

Portland photographer Kati Dimoff often walks into thrift stores looking for old cameras that might have undeveloped film rolls in them. She has unearthed several old and intriguing photos as a result of this hobby. One film roll she chanced upon earlier this year was even more significant because it had photos of a historic […]

Reunions: A British Photographer’s Fascinating Nostalgia Project

In the early eighties, Chris Porsz was working as a hospital porter in his hometown of Peterborough, 75 miles north of London. The photos he took at the time ‘by pointing a camera at society’ were of life and people on the streets of the town. In 2009, a local newspaper expressed interest in the […]

Timeless Pics and a Story: A Couple’s Pact to Follow Their Hearts

Patrick Korch studied Art in college but wore a number of other professional hats – logger, commercial fisherman, home builder, salesman and business owner (along with his wife Roberta) – before returning to his true calling. Our team at Scancafe got to view and digitize slides of Patrick’s creative work as well as hear about […]

Travel Blogger Tom Bartel on Favorite Places, Photography and Life After 50

Why my wife and I decided to take the plunge into full-time travel We’ve always been travelers. We hitchhiked around western Europe for three months after graduating from college. And after we were married, we moved to Spain for two years. Even in the interim, when we had our careers and family, we traveled frequently […]

Kevin Gilbert on Pictures, Photo Ops, Presidents and More

Why we take pictures Photographs represent truth and memories. You only have to see one to remember how hot it was that day. You remember the smells of the market. You remember being with so and so. All these wonderful memories are triggered by looking at a photograph. These days, I teach and travel a […]