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Time Travel With Old Photos

Photos can age over time – becoming dull, faded or strongly tinted. But these old photos from our open archives are different. Post our photo scanning and restoration processes, the colors in these pictures are vibrant and fresh. So, they don’t look like old photos at first glance. But they contain plenty of other elements […]

Three Photo Collections to Learn About Ourselves and Our World

By itself, a photo is simply a snapshot of a moment, captured and frozen in time. But when it’s part of a thoughtful collection, it takes on layers that tell us something about ourselves and the world around us. The three collections described here were all compiled in different ways. One was a patient and […]

Timeless Pics and a Story: Of Childhood and Bonds That Never Break

Every order we get at ScanCafe – whether it involves scanning photos, digitizing negatives, or restoring damaged images – is processed manually and with a lot of attention to detail. We think it makes a difference and are thrilled when customers think so too. We recently completed a slide digitization order for a wonderful customer […]

5 Cloud Storage Havens for Your Photos

You have finally done it! Digitized your entire analog image collection – possibly with some help from your favorite film and photo scanning service. This essentially means that you have insured years of precious memories from being lost, damaged or destroyed. You should feel good about the achievement. But you are not really done until […]

4 Great Ideas for a Graduation Memory Book

Having a child graduate from high school is definitely up there among bittersweet parenting moments. There’s pride and happiness mixed in with other emotions that induce a lump in the throat. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when this young adult lay in your arms, swaddled in a hospital receiving blanket. ‘Where have the […]