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Time Travel With Old Photos

Photos can age over time – becoming dull, faded or strongly tinted. But these old photos from our open archives are different. Post our photo scanning and restoration processes, the colors in these pictures are vibrant and fresh. So, they don’t look like old photos at first glance. But they contain plenty of other elements […]

A Few Stunning Examples of Photo Restoration

Time is not always kind to photos. Many of them fade over the years. Others are afflicted by rips, scratches, water spots or mold. Fortunately, in the right hands, this damage is reversible. Detailed photo repair is not an easy task but a reliable photo restoration service should be able to tackle it. Using the […]

Finding Geneva: A Lifelong Quest Ends With Answers

ScanCafe customer Jan shares this incredibly gripping account of her search for a ‘mystery’ family member: Who is she? Where does she live? Is she still alive? What does she look like? Can I see a picture of her? What happened to her? Why don’t you talk about her? These are a few of the […]

Timeless Pics and a Story: Of Childhood and Bonds That Never Break

Every order we get at ScanCafe – whether it involves scanning photos, digitizing negatives, or restoring damaged images – is processed manually and with a lot of attention to detail. We think it makes a difference and are thrilled when customers think so too. We recently completed a slide digitization order for a wonderful customer […]

Thoughts on Purging Photos the KonMari Way

She came. She took a quick look around. And then she proceeded to clean up. Ever since Marie Kondo broke onto the decluttering scene with her tips for tidying and putting away, she has shaken up the home organization industry – in Japan, the US and around the world. Her name is tied to an […]