Back to School, in the Old Days

Back to School, in the Old Days

It’s just about time for school years to start again, which is a cruel thought for students here at the end of one of the hotter summers on record. What do you remember about going back to school, yourself? Was it that feeling of brand new blue jeans, or saddle oxfords? Or just a feeling of excitement–or dread? Tell us below about some of your back to school memories.

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    It was my first day of kindergarten, and although my mother seemed excited and had talked about it all summer, I had a sense of foreboding. I could feel my mother’s urgency as she patiently awoke me and insisted I get dressed right away. She had bought me new school clothes and the dress I pulled over my head smelled new, like chemical, not like the sweet flowery smell of my mother’s neck and hair. And it was scratchy especially where the label poked the back of my neck.

    I sat down at our kitchen table, the one we ate breakfast and lunch at, and wanted to listen to the snap, crackle and pop of my Rice Crispies, but again, my mother was hurrying me along. What was the big hurry, I wondered. Finally, I put on my brown high top shoes, Mama laced them up for me, took my hand, and we walked the one block from my house to the school.

    There were a lot of kids at school, more than I had ever seen in one place. Some were crying. That kinda scared me, but Mama kept hold of my hand and that made me feel more secure. She took me into my new classroom, greeted my teacher, Mrs. Clayton, then kissed me good-bye. I was bewildered, but just stood there, like I was frozen in time. A loud bell rang; I jumped.

    Mrs. Clayton seemed nice, a grandmother-kind of lady. There was a large red rug on the floor and she told all of us to sit in a circle on the rug. I had never sat on the floor in my good clothes before, but everyone else sat down, so I sat down and crossed my legs. I pulled my dress over my brown shoes when I noticed that I was the only one wearing high top shoes. Mrs. Clayton had a little chair in the middle of the circle. She had a large picture book from which she read a story, showing us the pictures on each page. I quickly lost interest in the story as my mama read to me every night.

    I looked around and noticed there was a large bouquet of pink roses on Mrs. Clayton’s desk. I could smell the sweetness of the roses, and it reminded me of my mother. Mama had a large rose bush at the side of the house and her roses were pink also. I closed my eyes for a moment and could feel tears welling up behind my eyelids.

    About that time, Mrs. Clayton told us we could all get up to do some exercises. That was when I decided that kindergarten was not for me. I can’t imagine how I walked out of Mrs. Clayton’s room unnoticed, but I did. Her room was the one closest to the school entrance, so I quickly made my way down the steps and ran the block back to my house. You can imagine my mother’s surprise when I burst through the back door, completely out of breath.

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  3. Excitement.
    Seeing friends and teacher again. Same teacher and classmates for all the elementary school years!
    New books and new school supplies.
    Summer fading into fall.

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  5. The anticipation of going back to school after a long summer resulted in apprehension and dread. That soon faded with the sight of familiar faces and bonds of renewed friendship as the school year got underway.

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  7. Favorite first day back at (high) school memory is of standing around in the school parking lot greeting friends and comparing class schedules.

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    My school memory is of my father singing “School days, school days” in the car on the way to first day of first grade. We all acted like we hated it, but we loved it really.

  9. Since I am 71 years old, by school memories are far behind. But one of my favorite “back to school” memories, of recent years is the first day of school each year. I get to go to my daughter’s school each year and take pictures of all her students for a “memory” slide show at the end of the school year. Thank you for the opportunity of an discount. I have compared your slide scans with other scanner’s and you are the best.

  10. Great blog conversation and promotional idea!

    The best part of going back to school was always 1) seeing all my friends after a long summer, and 2) shopping for school supplies!

    When I was in elementary school, there was nothing like picking out a new backpack, pencil case, and notebooks. I’d make sure all of my crayons were arranged according to ROY G. BIV, and that my trapper keeper was ready for action.

    Once I got older, going back to school meant fall football games, homecoming parades and dances, and a slate of new classes.

    Even though Labor Day no longer signals the beginning of a new school year for me, there’s still something exciting in the air as the end of the summer turns into the crisp days of fall. You never know what September will bring!

  11. I remember the excitement / nervousness with the first day of school. Riding the bus in a new 7th grade with only one other person I knew at the school when we started. It’s funny to look back and think about how different life was back then.

    Thanks for letting me take advantage of the Back to School Promotion!

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