A great photo – that could have been greater

I thought I would take a moment to pass on a great photo related story from our PepCom experience.  But first, let me recommend eating at the Extra Virgin in the West Village – Wade was so impressed with the Gazpacho that he took a photo of it.

Anyway, I was speaking with a nationally renowned photographer – to protect the innocent let’s call him “George” – about a famous photograph of some construction workers high above the Manhattan skyline atop the World Trade Center.  This photo, titled “Moon over Manhattan” has been around for decades and if you close your eyes and think, you will know the one I am speaking of.  Yeah, it’s “that” kind of moon, not the celestial kind.  At any rate, one of the features of the photo that gives it such authenticity, besides the anatomical humor, is the fine trace of an airliner flying at altitude trailing a wisp of silver in the failing light.  Only it isn’t an airplane, or a comet.  It’s a scratch.

That’s right, the original image was damaged, but the overall picture was such a stupendous example of timing & quality (and humor) that it went on to be seen time and again all over the world.  You can find it by searching “Moon over Manhattan” on Google Images.  Too bad ScanCafe wasn’t around then; we could have fixed that for the photographer (or the mooner) for about a quarter.  We even could have even completely removed the offending party with a bit of Photoshop for a few bucks.