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I could not believe...the photos. This was the best money I've ever spent...”

- Wendi H, Ashland NE
July 14, 2014,

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  • "Scanning is the right approach for sharing family photo memories, but this takes time and skill. I have turned to ScanCafe, an inexpensive commercial scanning service. One album at a time, they have expertly digitized 15,000 of my family photos, and I can send complete sets to whoever wants them. I urge other family historians to get this done themselves, rather than leaving their family with this emotionally daunting task."

    - Gary Johnson
    President, Chicago History Museum
    ,July 14, 2014,Category: Quality

    • I ran into an issue when there wasn't an option to re-scan a select few of the pictures I'd sent in at a higher resolution. When I called in, the support staff was very helpful and followed up with me a few times to make sure that my order was correct and to update me on the status. I would highly recommend ScanCafe for taking the time to amend an order for me and for the excellent customer service that I received.

      - Timothy L, Louisville, KY,October 27, 2014,Category: Service

    • "We were extremely happy with our first order of slides we sent you years ago and these look great as well. Thanks for the great service and keep up the good work. Happy New Year"

      - KENNETH A., CARSON CITY Nevada,January 01, 2014,Category: Quality

    • "The process was very affordable. Your work seems excellent. Very professional. The ability to move pics around in the albums and change the name of the albums is a wonderful feature."

      - John R., Redondo Beach California,December 29, 2013,Category: Service

    • "You have wonderful customer service, which these days is the only thing that distinguishes one company from another. I have already recommended ScanCafe to many people."

      - Margaret M., Cardiff California,October 11, 2013,Category: Service

    • "Sending ScanCafe my four decades worth of precious family slides -  that we never manage to look at any more - was a smart decision.  There was always someone at the other end of the email or phone to  answer my questions and make the process easy. When I "proof-read"  the scanned slides on-line, I could re-arrange them if necessary so  they fit into the right albums. Once three sets of DVDs arrived at  my home (a set for each family member), I spent a lot of time savoring  memories from scenes I had not viewed in many years. And it's a great  way to down-size: two little DVDs instead of a cumbersome projector  and sizable case for all those slide trays."

      - Dawn W., Troy New York,August 16, 2013,Category: Quality , Service , Safety

    • "I was worried to send in my negatives, but your site explaned everything so great. I felt safe and now just reviewed my scans and I am very happy."

      - Charla S., Las Vegas Nevada,July 12, 2013,Category: Service

    • "I was really impressed with your customer service and willingness to go the extra mile! Thanks for your service."

      - LOUISE W., HIGHLANDS RANCH Colorado,May 06, 2013,Category: Service

    • "Great customer service and communications, resonsiveness to questions. You were aAhead of your estimated completion date. Quality of product is excellent. Thank you."

      - Bruce C., Seattle Washington,April 05, 2013,Category: Service

    • "Great service for great price. Staff was extremely helpful throughout the process. On-line deletions of 20% of slides after initial scanning was very helping in only retaining and being charged for the quality slides. Website was excellent. Overall, I could not be more pleased with the service."

      - Steven H., Kirkland Washington,March 03, 2013,Category: Service , Cost

    • "I have just reviewed the scans online. It appears to me that ScanCafe has done an excellent job on scanning my 35 mm color transparencies. The whole online setup is very user-friendly, informative, and well designed and thought out. If I now receive the DVD of the digital files from the scans and the original transparencies in good condition, I will be very pleased with my decision to use ScanCafe."

      - Bert S., Huntington Woods Michigan,February 26, 2013,Category: Quality , Safety

    • "I'm so happy with the quality of the scans. I will definitely be sending the rest of my slides for scanning. The price cannot be beat."

      - Robyn R., Eden Prairie Minnesota,January 24, 2013,Category: Quality

    • "I have recommended ScanCafe on Twitter more than once! Really love it! Thanks!"

      - Jay B., Charlotte North Carolina,December 21, 2012,Category: Service

    • "I've already told a lot of people about your company. We were very pleased the first time we used your services. Thank you, Karry Matson"

      - Karry M., Georgetown Texas,December 21, 2012,Category: Service

    • "I'm extremely pleased with your service. Plus, your marketing approach is excellent. You've anticipated any reason why your customers would have reservations about scanning their slides, and addressed them in your up front explanation. Thanks for preserving our family memories. I've already recommended you to several friends. Mike Bellotti"

      - Michael B., Cleveland Tennessee,November 11, 2012,Category: Service

    • "23rd order-- many more to come- completely satisfied! I would prefer to use the time and expertise of Scan Cafe to create the digitized images from my slides of my past work Dave Churchill"

      - Davis C., Hanover Pennsylvania,October 09, 2012,Category: Quality , Service

    • "I am very happy with the service provided by Scan Cafe. At first, I was worried about whether the original slides and photos would come back. They always have, nicely packaged too. Using Scan Cafe has let me organize our many photos so I can share them with family members more easily and preserve them for safekeeping in a digital format. Thank you, Scan Cafe!"

      - Susan B., Silver Spring Maryland,September 02, 2012,Category: Service , Safety

    • "You are terrific - I've used you 4 times to archive my parents photos at their death and my photos on all different media. You are fast, professional, and give a terrific product. Well done - I have recommended you and will continue to do so."

      - Linda E., Craftsbury Common Vermont,September 01, 2012,Category: Quality , Service

    • "We just received our scanned photos today and, I will admit, I was thinking, "Finally! It has been two months!" However, after looking at just the first batch, I have to tell you how HAPPY I am with the results! You took our old photos, from the 90's and before, and gave us better quality photos than when the originals were shot. We were most impressed with the color and lighting you achieved from our fading photos. You gave them new life and we can't thank you enough! After I create new photo books with our new and improved photos, I will be sending in another box of photos for you to transform. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!"

      - Karen M., La Jolla CA,August 22, 2012,Category: Quality

    • "You folks at ScanCafe do a superb job! To take black and white negatives made in 1967 and get rid of all the scratches and spots that show when I scan them is astounding! There's no way I could do my work with these historical images without the skill and artistry of your technicians. Thank you so much."

      - Catherine M., Fort Myers FL,July 27, 2012,Category: Quality

    • "I couldn't believe the scan quality. The original slides were changing color and looking washed out. The scans were, in a word, beautiful."

      - Richard B., Ocala FL,June 13, 2012,Category: Quality

    • "Scanning is the right approach for sharing family photo memories, but this takes time and skill. I have turned to ScanCafe, an inexpensive commercial scanning service. One album at a time, they have expertly digitized 15,000 of my family photos, and I can send complete sets to whoever wants them. I urge other family historians to get this done themselves, rather than leaving their family with this emotionally daunting task."

      - Gary Johnson
      President, Chicago History Museum
      ,May 24, 2012,Category: Quality

    • "When I reviewed my scanned slides, I began crying! Tears of joy! There was my childhood and memories of my deceased relatives right before my eyes! I could not believe the clarity, color and crispness of the photos. My precious memories preserved forever! This was the best money I've ever spent, and ScanCafe did a job better than I could ever have imagined."

      - Wendi H., Ashland NE,April 09, 2012,Category: Quality , Service

    • "I had 236 old slides that I wanted to have scanned. As a test, I took half of them to a local source and sent the other half to Scancafe. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical of Scancafe's claims. I thought that a side-by-side comparison of actual results was the only way to be sure.<br /><br />
                      Bottom line - Scancafe did a much better job for one-third the price! I don't know of any other service of any kind where one provider does a better job for one-third the price.<br /><br />
                      I will soon be sending Scancafe a large number of Kodacolor negatives to scan."

      - Randy E., Spring TX,March 12, 2012,Category: Quality , Service

    • "My dad was a great and avid photographer. He took hundreds of pictures of us kids, special events, travels, landscapes, etc., using wonderful Kodachrome slide film. For fun family entertainment, dad would pull out the projector and we’d have a slide show. It was so great to see ourselves growing up through pictures! For the past 30 years at least, the slides have been sitting in boxes, unwatched. What a shame! I’m undertaking a project to get them all digitized so they can be shared with siblings, cousins, aunts, and the next generation (our kids). I read a great review of Scan Café in the technology section of the New York Times (online), and I knew I had to try it out. The first batch of scanned slides just came back, and they turned out just great. Scan Cafe is a fantastic service! I’m boxing up my second batch of slides tonight."

      - Pam E., Minneapolis MN,February 10, 2012,Category: Quality , Service

    • "My own negative scanner has been disappointing. For much less money than one of sufficient quality (not to mention the HOURS to use it) ScanCafe will digitize my treasures for me. Yay! You've given me back four decades of my creative life, and I happily look forward to the results."

      - MaryEllen R., Livermore CA,January 09, 2012,Category: Quality , Cost

    • "Oh ScanCafe' why do I love thee? Let me count the ways:<br /><br />
                      You take care of the photos I send you and return them packaged with care.<br /><br />
                      Every photo has been scanned and "fixed up" so all my pictures look beautiful.<br /><br />
                      I get to choose which photos I want to have placed on CD so that fuzzy picture of my husband's ear can be relegated to the discard pile but my attempt at capturing a seagull is now on my computer instead of in a box.<br /><br />
                      Over the last 6 months or so, I have sent you huge boxes of photos twice. Both times you scanned around 1000 photos or so. My photos come back to me neatly boxed, with my photo CD's in personalized cases. On my second order, I didn't immediately open the CD's of the photos. When I got around to it, I couldn't open one of the 2 CD's. I emailed you, and I got a reply that day. You still had my photos archived and sent me new CD's for that order at your expense without any fuss. I had them within 5 days of my initial email to you. That's service!<br /><br />
                      At this point, I have had ScanCafe' scan all my old photos. I copied the CD's to a flashdrive so I have them immediately available to me. I placed the CD's in my hurricane/disaster bug-out bag so I don't have to lug all the photo albums with me if we have to evacuate. (I've been thru 7 hurricanes including Andrew in Florida so believe me, I have lugged the photo albums in the past. This way is a lot easier on the back!)<br /><br />
                      So thank you ScanCafe', I think you are wonderful!"

      - Laura L., Wilmington NC,December 09, 2011,Category: Service , Safety

    • "I was about to buy a new slide scanner when I heard about ScanCafe. To check out the quality of your work I placed a small order, which included some slides which required a great deal of correction. To my pleasant surprise they were beautifully done. I was thrilled at the prospect of rescuing my slides which mean so much to me. I have since placed three more orders, and I expect there will be more. ScanCafe undoubtably has a group of highly skilled technicians to scan these slides. The people who interact with customers are also topnotch."

      - Gerald Mc., Batesburg SC,November 09, 2011,Category: Quality , Service

    • "My experience with Scan Cafe was great! I especially liked how I could track the progress of the job online. My slides were from my childhood and I was a little nervous at first about sending them off, but the continual progress tracking laid all my nervousness to rest. The quality of the job was very good. I did a lot of research with other online companies, as well as local companies where I could drop off my slides. ScanCafe was the best price and the best customer service of all of them."

      - Sheree V., Rialto CA,October 02, 2011,Category: Quality , Safety

    • "I sent about 500 negatives to ScanCafe to get digital images of pictures I took before I purchased a digital camera. The images I received were amazing quality - just like the original pictures! I was a little hesitant to send off all my negatives at once, just in case something happened to them, but ScanCafe took great care of them, and with their tracking system, I always knew where my negatives were in the process. I loved that ScanCafe had great prices and that I could choose which images to purchase after they had scanned them all - what a deal! I have referred a few friends to ScanCafe as well, because of the excellent work they did for an amazing price!"

      - Connie S., Toccoa, GA,September 28, 2011,Category: Cost , Safety

    • "I had a couple hundred old photos scanned for an upcoming 50th Anniversary party for my parents. I was hesitant to send the only originals I had, but they were scanned quickly and returned promptly. We used the scans in a photo CD for my parents that played during the party. Everything was GREAT and everyone got a copy of the photo CD. It was all possible because of the speed and quality of the scans by ScanCafe. I would use your service again without hesitation. Thanks!"

      - Wes B., Lutz FL,August 28, 2011,Category: Quality , Service

    • "We were thrilled to have OLD OLD OLD slides that were found in a garage put on a DVD for family members to see. The fact that we were able to peruse the images, then discard the ones we didn't want … was a HUGE plus. The DVD was beautiful, the cost was less than we had thought it would be and it has brought so many wonderful moments to all that have watched it.<br /><br />
                      There is NO reason not to have all your wonderful memories put on DVD by ScanCafe, as they were very professionally done, in a timely manor, and the cost was better than expected."

      - Barb H., Sarasota FL,August 27, 2011,Category: Quality , Service

    • "Generations of family history captured in old photos and slides were brought back to life by ScanCafe. Quality service at its best."

      - Joe P., Wickford RI,August 27, 2011,Category: Quality , Service

    • "I have recently used ScanCafe and I am one very happy customer. I initially sent in a test batch of about 500 slides. At first, I was apprehensive about sending some of the "family jewels" to a place I had no control over. I took a leap of faith and I was not disappointed in the least. Your step-by-step status page kept me informed and marked the progress of my order as advertised. I was ecstatic when the status changed to "online" and I was able to see my scanned slides. The online clarity and crispness of the photos was far better than I could have done with my own scanner. When I received the DVDs and the originals shortly thereafter, my happiness turned to pure joy; I was looking at photos on my big screen computer that I had not seen in thirty years."

      - Bruce Lukaszewicz,,July 16, 2011,Category: Quality , Cost

    • "Compliments directed to ScanCafe for the very good quality of your work. We have had over 2000 slides transferred so far with more to come your way. Keep up the fine work."

      - Martin S., Garfield Heights OH,July 02, 2011,Category: Service , Safety

    • "We received our converted slides from your company and are delighted. I am very pleased with our total experience on this transaction. Everything came off as you said, as to the amount of time, the cost and the quality."

      - Ronald G., Dayton, OH,June 26, 2011,Category: Quality , Cost

    • "I just received the CD of my slides which you put together for me, and I am thrilled! These are pictures of my once-in-a-lifetime trip to India, and it is almost the first time I have been able to see them. I will be back with more slides for you all to scan, just as soon as I get the India ones organized a little more. Thank you so much for the good work!"

      - Patricia B., Arlington VA,May 31, 2011,Category: Quality , Safety

    • "I wanted to thank you for your assistance, it is a pleasure dealing with a company that stands behind their work. I will not hesitate to recommend ScanCafe to my friends."

      - Liz R., Pottstown PA,March 16, 2011,Category: Service

    • "I just received the DVD and slides. I was impressed by two things. First, my slides came back in the same banded groups and in the same Ziploc bags, and with the same Post-It labels I had put on each, just as I sent them to you. Second, the DVD was organized the same way, the scans were very good, and each JPG was titled and numbered in the same sequence, even across groups, which made it very easy for me to transfer to my PC and rename groups as I needed to.<br /><br />
                      Thank you for a very nice job. I will be readying my next set of slides for you to scan shortly."

      - Michael W., Plano TX,February 28, 2011,Category: Quality , Service

    • "I love ScanCafe!<br /><br />
                      I am still amazed at the quality of work that I received on each slide, at no added cost. The images are actually better than when I recall viewing them after each roll of film was shot.<br /><br />
                      I can't keep my mouth shut about how wonderful these folks are. They are highly skilled imagining technicians, courteous, and truthful. Their web site states everything one needs to know ahead of time to feel 100% confident that they chose the right place to reproduce precious memories. The big surprise bonus here is the excellent quality that comes with a very low price.<br /><br />
                      I can't thank ScanCafe enough."

      - Katherine C., Tucson AZ,February 13, 2011,Category: Service

    • "I got my pictures and CD back last week - ScanCafe delivers on everything it promises! Great system all the way through - very easy to send everything in, the regular progress updates and online progress chart give much-needed reassurance to those of us who have entrusted you with priceless and irreplaceable photos, and the final result is exactly as promised. I got all of my pictures back unharmed, the DVD was organized into folders just as I had requested, and you easily saved me 20-30 hours of work scanning these in myself.<br /><br />
                      Great job, worth every penny, and I will be promoting your service to friends and family.<br /><br />
                      Thanks guys, and best wishes for all the success you deserve for putting together such a great service!!"

      - Kevin H., Yardley PA,February 03, 2011,Category: Service , Safety

    • "Wow! What a wonderful service. You guys rock! Keep up the good work."

      - Andrew D., Seattle WA,January 29, 2011,Category: Service

    • "I have just reviewed the on line scans and FABULOUS!!! I am more than pleased and have many more collections I will be sending in. Not much more to say - how do you beat the best!!! Thank you."

      - Taylor B., Surfside FL,January 28, 2011,Category: Quality

    • "Just received the DVD/CD and my originals. THE PICTURES ARE GREAT. It was worth every penny. If I find anymore of my negatives I'll send them to you again. GREAT JOB."

      - Rhonnie L., North Bergen NJ,January 22, 2011,Category: Quality

    • "I am thrilled with the results of ScanCafe's work! What a treasure they have helped me to uncover and preserve. The price is right and the quality is the best. I highly recommend them."Phil S., Tujunga CA

      - Phil S., Tujunga CA,January 17, 2011,Category: Quality , Cost

    • "Wow! I'm very impressed! This level of cooperation and consideration for your customers is unparalleled. I thank you for this magnanimous gesture. I can't imagine another company in any business offering your level of help. I wish your company all the power and success. I will be preparing many more of my images for scanning by ScanCafe, as well as recommending ScanCafe to all of my friends. Thanks again."

      - Keith T., Detroit MI,January 10, 2011,Category: Service

    • "I was initially nervous about sending my negatives in because many of them were 15-20 years old. I read your website carefully to see if there were any issues or concerns I missed. I even read the competitors websites.[ …] I am pleased to say the online experience was pleasant. It was so easy to choose the ones I wanted and discard the rest.<br /><br />
                      When I got my DVD back with the photos, I could not believe the quality of the scans! It was like I was transported back in time. It looked like I only took those photos recently when the photos were taken 15-20 years ago! It was truly an emotional experience reliving those photos on my computer with such startling clarity and quality."

      - Matthew C., Columbus, GA,December 13, 2010,Category: Quality , Service

    • "After moving my mother last year, from the home she had lived in for nearly sixty years, I was left with accumulation from most all those years. Amongst everything was a box of hundreds of slides and photos, some nearly one hundred years old. Thank you ScanCafe for restoring not only the pictures, some of which were pretty damaged, but also for restoring the memories that went with those photos. You've made Christmas extra special for my mother, and all of us, this year."

      - Joe, North Kingstown RI,December 11, 2010,Category: Quality , Service

    • "I love ScanCafe and have been recommending it to everyone. The business model and the website are very neatly put together."

      - DB, Lansdale PA,November 28, 2010,Category: Service , Cost

    • "I just viewed my uploads and made my choices. The viewing and check out were terrific. The viewing options were clearly presented and easy to maneuver when going from picture to set of pictures or to albums. I liked the different size options, making comparisons easier and more precise viewing (larger pictures) possible. It's all very intuitive."

      - Joyce S., Auburndale, MA,November 16, 2010,Category: Service

    • "I was really impressed with the thumbnails, the efficiency and above all the saving of my time. I will continue using your service to archive digitally the rest of my collection of negatives and slides. This was a brilliant idea on your part and I've been spreading the word around to my camera club and friends."

      - Peter D., Potomac MD,October 11, 2010,Category: Service

    • "ScanCafe was a delight to do business with, they were courteous, prompt and did exactly what we expected them to do for a very good price."

      - Judith S., Leesburg FL,October 10, 2010,Category: Service , Cost

    • "I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I read about your services in the Wall Street Journal and decided to try it out. Against what I thought was my better judgment, I sent 1000 negatives in. When the CD's came in the mail, I was thrilled. I had shots blown up to 11x17 and they were sharp, clear and bright. I'm sending another thousand negatives your way. There's probably a few more thousand to follow! The price is terrific and the results are even better. What a great way to store and protect my photos."

      - Larry P., Naperville IL,October 04, 2010,Category: Service

    • "I am very pleased with the scanned results of the photos I sent in to ScanCafe. I sent over 800 40-year-old photos, and they came back clear and vibrant. I have done a lot of scanning in past years and it has taken me months upon months to achieve the professional results that you gave me in a few weeks. I am so grateful for this timely and cost-effective service."

      - J. Adams, Orem UT,September 26, 2010,Category: Quality

    • "I have been very impressed with the entire ScanCafe customer service experience. As a business owner, I tend to be a very demanding customer when it comes to spending my own money. Scan Cafe did a spectacular job, from the quality of its photo digitization to its responsiveness to my inquiries &mdash; all at a great price while providing top notch customer service. I wish all companies were up to your standards!"

      - A. Sharfi, West Palm Beach FL,September 01, 2010,Category: Service

    • "I was extremely happy with the results of ScanCafe's scans for my 40+ year old slides. I will be sending my remaining 3000+ slides to be scanned in the near future."

      - R. S., Boyle CO,August 30, 2010,Category: Quality , Service

    • "I am a full time professional photographer for 17 years. I recently sent an equal amount of slides to both ScanCafe, and a major US competitor. The scans came back from Scan Cafe, and every single one of them was 100% perfect. 20% of the scans from the competitor were completely unusable, and 50% of them required adjusting in Photoshop. And to make it even better, Scan Cafe was one third the price of the competitor. I was so pleased with the ScanCafe work that I am sending 900 slides in the mail to them tomorrow."

      - Brian S, Baltimore, MD,July 25, 2010,Category: Service , Cost

    • "Thanks for the offer of processing my order to an external hard drive rather than 20 DVD'S, as the size of my order ended up being 74GB. I was easily able to download to my PC and I now have a backup of my photos on the external hard drive, with room for additional photos. Great suggestion, very efficient and well worth the additional cost. Thanks again to all the office staff for the exceptional service that I have received. You have a pleased customer. I have already placed a 2ND order."

      - Bob F., Sunnyvale, CA,June 04, 2010,Category: Service

    • "A HUGE thank you for all of your hard work and help last week in gearing up for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. We were able to show some of the pictures just in time, and what a hit they were! You helped bring back all those fond memories for them and everyone in attendance. Thank you again. A very happy customer..."

      - Joanne V., Montclair, NJ,May 08, 2010,Category: Service

    • "Thank you, ScanCafe. You are congenial and cooperative people to work with. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the work you have done to preserve my first batch of slides to disk. These are fifteen year-old photographs that now look as if they were taken yesterday with a high-end digital camera. It was tough to make choices on which to keep and which to discard.<br /><br />
                      Slides were my medium for 25 years when our family was young, thus the only record we have of important family archives. You have provided me with a reasonable cost alternative to dragging out screen and projector etc. to look at a series of slide reels that were forever jamming. You can expect to receive a continuous stream of slide packages from me for conversion."

      - Brian K., Ormond Beach, FL,May 04, 2010,Category: Service , Safety

    • "Fabulous work you guys. You came through, and the quality is fantastic. I'll be telling my friends!"

      - Brian B., New York, NY,April 16, 2010,Category: Quality , Service

    • "Outstanding product & service. All my calls & emails were promptly answered, even on Sundays. Highly recommend!"

      - Gene, Weston FL,March 14, 2010,Category: Service

    • "As an addict to both scrapbooking and genealogy my family photos are worth their weight in gold to me. ScanCafe did a wonderful job in restoring damaged photos and scanning photos from the 1950s that were such a small size that they would not have been what I wanted on my scrapbook pages. Thank you for treating my precious photos so carefully and delivering such a wonderful product - so quickly - the results are amazing! I recommend your service to all my fellow scrapper and genies."

      - Joanne, New York NY,February 07, 2010,Category: Safety

    • "The scans look good. I'll be sending you another batch. Thanks!"

      - Damian, Weston CT,January 28, 2010,Category: Quality

    • "I wanted to send a special thank you for a job "well done". I sent you nearly 3000 photographs to be scanned and optimized at the worst time of the year with postal holiday's, business closures, etc! Some of the pictures were in very bad condition being over 30 years old, I did not have high expectations that they would even scan. Not only did you scan them, but the optimization you provided, made them look brand new, I did not discard a single picture! The turn around time was amazing, and the DVD disks were easy to reference, I found each picture quickly. Thank you so much for organizing the piles of pictures I have stored up over the years and preserving them for future generations."

      - Terri, Merlbourne FL,January 28, 2010,Category: Quality , Service

    • I just received my pics back with the cd and you done a fantastic job on it. Just wanted to tell you this. Thank you so much!!!!!

      - Karen, Fort Wayne IN,January 22, 2010,Category: Quality

    • "I was so thrilled to find: 1) some place that would scan all those slides my dad (91 now) had accumulated all those years so that I didn't have to, and 2) that your company did such an excellent job. I have told several friends about my good experience with your company, so if you will likely see several more customers from here!My family enjoyed the slide shows I put together for them of the old pictures. It made a first-rate gift. Thanks again."

      - Marie, Page AZ,December 27, 2009,Category: Quality , Service

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