Answers to Our Summer Quiz

Our Summer Quiz

We remembered our fantastic national parks a few weeks ago with a promotional quiz based on this photo. It’s an old stereograph, produced by the thousands in the days before glossy travel magazines, and you can even browse through the Online Archive of California’s impressive online collection. The person in the picture is standing on top of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, though nowadays there’s a railing and a big sign to tell you that trying to stand where this woman is standing is a VERY bad idea.

Most folks identified the park and the even the exact spot pretty easily, though the exact type of photo format–a stereograph–was a bit harder. But hardest of all was perhaps the most important question, which is who we should be thankful to for first trying to protect what is now Yosemite park from commercial development, and the answer is not John Muir, as most folks thought. It’s a much lesser-known figure named Galen Clark, who successfully lobbied President Lincoln to set the Yosemite valley’s lands aside.

A Rare Lincoln Photo, Restored

Lincoln Restored

This weekend, while you’re getting ready for your barbecues, we wanted to share a special photo with you to get you into the spirit of the holiday.

Taken during one of Abraham Lincoln’s final portrait sittings in February, 1865, the original negative was cracked and discarded. This scan (above left) was made by the Library of Congress from the surviving print.

To honor Independence Day, we used our award-winning restoration skills to restore this rare photo.

Download and view the high resolution photo here.

Happy Fourth of July from ScanCafe!

A Very Special One-Day Promotion

We’ve never tried this before, if you can believe it: but for Wednesday, June 22, we want to give everyone who visits our site a 20% discount, just for dropping by. The discount code is:



The discount applies to standard photo & video scanning, all formats, and it cannot be used in combination with any other offer (of course), and it doesn’t apply to our value kits, gift boxes, gift cards, or photo restoration. And you must place your order by 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, June 22, 2011, using the discount code above. Note, you simply must place your order by the deadline: you can always send in your originals later, when you have more time.

Enough with the details. You’ve got some saving to do! You can even get started right here.

Vote For The Coolest Dad This Father’s Day

Here’s something fun for Father’s Day weekend:

We asked our customers to send us photos of their dads. We’ve selected 18 finalists and posted them on our site for everyone to see and now we want your votes for the coolest dad!

Cast your votes this Father’s Day weekend, by 11:59pm PT, Sunday June 19th, and the winner will receive a $150 gift card.

See all the finalists and vote now!

Update: We have our winner! The photo with the highest ratings (5 out of 5 stars!) comes from C Friberg at the age of four with his dad looking for nails. He’s won a $150 scanning gift card.

And we have two honorable mentions, who will each receive a $50 scanning gift card:

Your Best Mother’s Day Story

With Mother’s Day behind us, we think it’s a good time to share stories from the day. Did you take you mother out somewhere nice, or do something special for her? Moms, how did your family treat you this year?

Tell us about your perfect Mother’s Day, from this weekend, or any Mother’s Day ever.

We’ll start:

For Mother’s Day I have tried to find fun ways to celebrate my mother over the years, including variations on the traditional fare. However as I get older I have a better sense of what my mother really wants: time. Time with her children and their families, time to do the things that bring her joy and time to relax! After raising two kids, several pets, mothering a million friends and falling in love with grandchildren, she deserves a little time to relax and smell the roses…or in her case the jalapeños.

This Mother’s Day I started a salsa garden for her, complete in little pots decorated with ribbon. I wanted to give her something that would combine two activities that she loves, cooking and gardening. In a few weeks she will start to see small sprouts come up through the dirt and once planted in her backyard she will get to stand back and look at the mature plants. Then in a few months she will pick the fruit, bring it to her kitchen, and make the most amazing salsa, knowing the whole while that we grew them together.