How One Photographer Salvaged his Family’s Lost Memories

Rob Hull, a professional photographer, and author based in Coppell, TX, was sorting through his mother’s possessions after she passed away in 2005 when he discovered a treasure trove of old family photos. It was a bittersweet find for Rob and his three brothers. He describes the moment in a stirring blog post from September 2016:

“It was then that we realized that we lost far more than our mother. We lost so many stories and memories. As we uncovered boxes of slides and photographs we realized that we didn’t really know many of the stories that should accompany them. And to make matters worse, how do you divide up the family albums among four siblings?”  (more…)

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Digitize Your Photos; Unlock a World of Possibilities

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were dropping our film rolls off at our neighborhood photo store or the local Walgreen’s. With photos, we have quickly switched from analog to digital and then progressed so far down the latter road that the idea of waiting an hour or more to see how our images turn out seems incredibly quaint now.

But most of us are still sitting on the output of many years of the film era and doing very little about them. There are gems in this stash that span time, place and occasion – old black and whites, sepia-toned portraits, wedding pictures, baby and children’s photos (from before the digital revolution) and a whole lot more. (more…)

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A Perfect Gift – for the Holidays and Beyond

Each year the holidays come around, bringing a considerable amount of stress with them – the stress of finding just that right gift for every family member and friend on the list. This overshadows the joy of the festive season for a lot of people.

A segment on Good Morning America offers a few personalized gifting ideas for those looking for some inspiration during that time of the year. These cover an array of customizable mugs, coasters, and vintage cameras. But the segment also addresses the need for digitizing old photos and recommends a tried and trustworthy photo scanning service for the job: ScanCafe! (more…)

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125 Million Memories Preserved

black and white negative scanningHere at ScanCafe, we’ve just hit an enormous milestone: we’ve scanned over 125,000,000 million pieces of media.

To celebrate, we asked you what piece of media you thought would be the big 125 millionth…and the answer is:
A black & white negative!

This huge achievement is thanks to you — thank you for trusting ScanCafe with your most precious memories.

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ScanCafe Integrates with Amazon Cloud Drive to Save Photographic Memories

ScanCafe, the world’s largest photo-scanning service, announced today that it has integrated the Amazon Cloud Drive API to offer customers one-click uploading of scanned images to their Amazon Cloud Drive account. The new feature means Amazon customers can effortlessly preserve their entire collection of old photographs and protect them, free of charge and forever, from loss, harm, and inevitable fading. All Amazon users get free storage for about 2000 photos (5GB), with the option to purchase additional capacity and if you are a Prime member you receive unlimited photo storage for free.

AMZ pressrelease
This integration significantly enriches user experience in scanning, organizing, and sharing those cherished old photos, slides, 35mm negatives, and even photos in photo albums. It makes it easy and safe to transfer memories to an Amazon Cloud Drive digital photo archive, with all the advantages in preservation security, accessibility, and image quality this brings. Amazon customers need never again undergo the hassle of manually uploading scanned images. (more…)