How Good is Google’s Photoscan App?: Results From Our Test & Survey

We don’t normally try to take on Google but we decided to do a quick test to compare the digitized output from their Photoscan app with Scancafe’s. Just for our own reference. After all, we pride ourselves on our photo scanning capabilities. If an app claims it can do the job as well and with minimal pain for the user, we are curious to know exactly how it works.

The best place to find out about all things Google is on Nat and Lo’s Youtube channel. This duo has been demystifying various Google technologies and products ranging from search to navigation for a a few years now. (more…)

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How To Turn Your Digital Photos Into Frameable Art

The best part of having all your photos and negatives digitized is the ability to tinker around with them using one of the many photo editing apps out there. Adding filters to digital images to transform or enhance them is both fun and addictive and it explains the runaway success of Instagram. Filters are so popular that untouched photos are more the exception than the norm on social media these days.

For people who have Instagram filter fatigue, there are a number of other apps that allow us to create artistic versions of our photos. Prisma leads the pack here with a set of filters inspired by real artists and their work. (more…)

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A Quest to Save Family Stories, One Photo at a Time

Save Family Photos is a site curated by Rachel LaCour Niesen who is committed to helping people save and share their family photo legacies. Here she talks about this mission, why it means so much to her, and how people can overcome roadblocks to preserving priceless memories.

SC: Tell us about your mission at Save Family Photos.

RLN: Our mission is simple – to save family stories, one photo at a time. That mission is carried out largely through social media. Our Instagram feed and Facebook page are virtual campfires; people gather around to share their stories. (more…)

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How One Photographer Salvaged his Family’s Lost Memories

Rob Hull, a professional photographer, and author based in Coppell, TX, was sorting through his mother’s possessions after she passed away in 2005 when he discovered a treasure trove of old family photos. It was a bittersweet find for Rob and his three brothers. He describes the moment in a stirring blog post from September 2016:

“It was then that we realized that we lost far more than our mother. We lost so many stories and memories. As we uncovered boxes of slides and photographs we realized that we didn’t really know many of the stories that should accompany them. And to make matters worse, how do you divide up the family albums among four siblings?”  (more…)

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Digitize Your Photos; Unlock a World of Possibilities

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were dropping our film rolls off at our neighborhood photo store or the local Walgreen’s. With photos, we have quickly switched from analog to digital and then progressed so far down the latter road that the idea of waiting an hour or more to see how our images turn out seems incredibly quaint now.

But most of us are still sitting on the output of many years of the film era and doing very little about them. There are gems in this stash that span time, place and occasion – old black and whites, sepia-toned portraits, wedding pictures, baby and children’s photos (from before the digital revolution) and a whole lot more. (more…)

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