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How Good is Google’s Photoscan App?: Results From Our Test & Survey

We don’t normally try to take on Google but we decided to do a quick test to compare the digitized output from their Photoscan app with Scancafe’s. Just for our own reference. After all, we pride ourselves on our photo scanning capabilities. If an app claims it can do the job as well and with […]

How To Turn Your Digital Photos Into Frameable Art

The best part of having all your photos and negatives digitized is the ability to tinker around with them using one of the many photo editing apps out there. Adding filters to digital images to transform or enhance them is both fun and addictive and it explains the runaway success of Instagram. Filters are so […]

Digitize Your Photos; Unlock a World of Possibilities

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were dropping our film rolls off at our neighborhood photo store or the local Walgreen’s. With photos, we have quickly switched from analog to digital and then progressed so far down the latter road that the idea of waiting an hour or more to see […]

A Perfect Gift – for the Holidays and Beyond

Each year the holidays come around, bringing a considerable amount of stress with them – the stress of finding just that right gift for every family member and friend on the list. This overshadows the joy of the festive season for a lot of people. A segment on Good Morning America offers a few personalized […]

ScanCafe Integrates with Amazon Cloud Drive to Save Photographic Memories

ScanCafe, the world’s largest photo-scanning service, announced today that it has integrated the Amazon Cloud Drive API to offer customers one-click uploading of scanned images to their Amazon Cloud Drive account. The new feature means Amazon customers can effortlessly preserve their entire collection of old photographs and protect them, free of charge and forever, from […]