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It is with great pride that I wish all my fellow Marines, past and present, a joyful and wonderful Birthday!  Our beloved Corps is a young and healthy 232 years of age.  232 years of leading the charge and insuring our freedom.  Below I present the Commandant’s Birthday Message as well as that of General […]

I’m a proud new papa!

I am a proud new father (if you swing by our offices in Burlingame, I will give you a cigar).  We just launched a completely new website and I couldn’t be more proud of the results.  Not only is the new website faster and more professional, but it is a testament to the valuable input […]

ScanCafe TIFF offering and pricing: no hidden fees

Hi Folks, We have had some questions recently from customers about our .TIFF offering and associated pricing, thanks in part to more misleading marketing tactics by DigMyPics. I would like to take a moment to succinctly describe how the offering works. But first, let me state the following: TIFF is a very high end file […]

Response to negative marketing tactics from “competitors”

Hi all. Sorry I have not written in a couple of weeks. My wife said we needed a vacation. Having been married for nearly 5 years, I know when to listen to my wife (usually). During the time off, an interesting topic came up from a reporter as to why we have not been more […]

How we started ScanCafe

When I was at business school, my buddy Laurent, who is from Switzerland, had to attend his grandfather’s funeral back in Lausanne. His grandfather was the de facto family archivist (every family has one, whether they recognize it or not) and the family was unsure of what to do with the dozens of photo albums […]